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The Most Beautiful Moment in Life

The twenties of someone’s life is often called as one of the most exhausting moments. Everything is complicated and the world doesn’t really give you a handout on how to successfully survive this frenzy. And though you have grownups to give you – at the very least – a rundown of what to expect, you’re […]

Games Of Hard Work Can Also Be Games For Business

More often than not, whenever we see a colleague or office mate slouching in their chairs, immersed in a video game on their phone, we’d say that they’re wasting their time. We’d say that maybe they should stop slacking off and start working. Executives and managers would assume that games simply disrupt work. However, psychologists […]

Life Lessons from Julie and Julia

Julia Child was an American woman married to a French diplomat who wanted to be so much more than just a wife yet was unsure of what she wanted to do. While Julie Powell is a 29 year old woman stuck in a cubicle with a run-down-the-mill job who felt lost. The difference between them […]

Finding and Creating Happy Workplaces

2016 was the year the rest of the world gave the center stage to employee engagement. Improving and redefining the overall happiness of the workforce have been the talk of the town. The industry has redefined the standard workplace environment, conducted numerous surveys to get an idea on how to proactively solve this issue. And […]

Why the Nine-to-Five Working Day has to Go

“Without hard work, nothing grows but weeds” Ever since we were young, we were told that hard work is the price of success. Our parents told us that nothing good comes easy. Our teachers reiterated the same thing, study hard and earn good grades. Though there’s no denying the legitimacy of what hard work can […]

Importance of Successfully Nurturing Culture in the Workplace

The word “culture” have been thrown around aimlessly over the past decade. It was Merriam Webster’s most popular word during the year 2015. All the while, companies use this buzzword to attract more talent and to appeal as humanly as possible to its customers. They talk about their space and the cool amenities they have; […]