Sales Rain Visits Sto. Niño Home For The Aged, Marikina City

Some of us indulge ourselves during our off-days from work in the form of food, leisure activities, hanging out with friends and best of all, sleeping. Sometimes, resting and having fun on the weekends isn’t enough to break the dreary routine of working. Yes, it is important to recharge our mind and body. But we should also ask ourselves: what recharges your heart?

At Sales Rain, we organize monthly charity works. In this way, we recharge our hearts by helping other people. The simple acts of good deeds like hosting or taking part in outreach programs have a bigger impact on our society than we actually think – it can create a ripple effect of kindness.

Sales Rain Team visited the Sto. Niño Home for the Aged in Marikina City last Sept.19, 2019.  The program started with an opening prayer and introduction of the company, as well as the members of the company who participated that day. It was followed by members of Sales Team and Digital Marketing Team’s performance of lively dance number and heartfelt songs renditions from the old generation. Furthermore, we also spent some time interacting and engaging with the elderlies. We also prepared food, donated some necessities and an air-conditioning unit to the residents.

It was evident in the eyes and the smiles of our lolas and lolos that they enjoyed the program. Their faces were gleaming with happiness and positivity – it became a source of inspiration and motivation for the Team to continue in lending a hand and spreading compassion for everyone, especially to those who are in need.

Despite the busy schedules of the different departments, we all become united as one family with the willingness to help. The event became a great day of connection, energy, and love. As we ended the visit, the company members left with a sense of shared purpose and  eagerness for the upcoming outreach programs.

Here at Sales Rain, we value our commitment in organizing philanthropic events. We’re not just simply a serviced office providers, we’re also providers of kindness and compassion.

“We can’t help everyone, but everyone can help someone.” – Ronald Reagan

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