Sales Rain BPO will lease 240 seats to a major Telecom Company

A major telecom company in Philippines has signed an agreement to lease 240 seats from Sales Rain BPO for its Australian client. As part of the deal, Sales Rain will provide its call center and network infrastructure to the client as back up site in case of a disaster.

“This deal is a testament to Philippines’ Number 1 position in the call center industry, as more and more foreign companies are choosing the Philippines to locate their call center operations. All of our current facilities are now operating at nearly full capacity and this gives us an excellent opportunity for further expansion in Philippines”- commented Sales Rain BPO’s CEO Mr. Rajeev Agarwal.

Sales Rain is an integrated service provider of call center services, seat leasing, outsourcing, virtual assistant, hosted PBX, and cloud based dialer solutions. Sales Rain is a US incorporated Company with its branch offices registered in Philippines

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