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Perfect way to run your call center operations
and save 70% on your operational costs.
You control your operations.
We provide you all the call center infrastructure.
All for less than $1 per hour.

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Why work with us

Market Leader in Seat Leasing

US based multinational company

Owned Facilities and Infrastructure

Over 12 years in business

Aggressive Pricing

Flexible Terms

Satisfied Clients


What's included:

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Philippines Advantages

3rd Largest English speaking country in the world.

US based multinational company

Most Westernized Asian Nation

Over 100M population, easy availability of labor

People have neutral accent and are naturally hospitable

English is the official language of Philippines

Low rates, High class infrastructure

Sales Rain is a renowned provider of premier Seat Leasing Services, Coworking Spaces and Private Offices with multiple locations in the prime cities of the Philippines. Ensure stability in your business operations with flexible workspaces at a competitive pricing.

Seat Leasing Services

Save that great idea, don’t let it just pass away! Get the ball rolling and kick start your business operations with us. Mixing the functionality of traditional office solutions and versatility of flexible workspaces, Sales Rain offers seat leasing services inclusive of all the essentials needed to set up a brand new site, plug and play ready. Acquire high-end equipment and facilities at an affordable rate. Save yourself from the hassle of legal papers and have more time for important matters.

Coworking Spaces

Too busy for adventures and socializing? Attain better balance between work and play with us! Infuse business and fun in the same environment with our coworking spaces designed to cultivate creativity and productivity. With private desks and shared lounges, Sales Rain offers its members a more comfortable work area and the chance to be part of a collaborative community. Invest on your freedom and have access to various workspace environments that suits you best.

Leader in Seat Leasing

We have 4 offices, over 1000 workstations, and over 2000 people across all locations in Philippines. We are growing fast.

Client First Approach

We are a trusted partner for all our clients. We treat their business like our own business. With us, they can focus on their core business and achieve faster and sustainable growth.

Professional & Dependable

We treat our staff like a family.  And it shows in their beaming and positive attitude. They are smart, loyal, and experts in their own areas.

Cost Saving Opportunities

With our fully owned facilities, we can offer the pricing like nobody else.  Pricing and service delivery are the reasons our clients choose us over everyone else.

World Class Performance. Cost Effective Solution

Technology Solutions

Salesrain Technology Ball

    That means you need to spend little to none in hardware expenses. Our technology is hosted in world class data centers in United states.  This provides us scalability, reliability, speed, and security.


    We offer completed technology required to run call center operations.  Call center dialer, Outbound platform, Inbound platform, Email and chat support, Social media integration, CRM, virtual PBX, voip termination, speech analytics, and others.

    Our biggest differential factor is that we provide 24×7 technical support on site and off site in Philippines.

    We design our own technology.  We have our own team of software developers.  And we own the telecom company. That is why we have been able to beat all our competitors.
Outsourcing Solutions


Outsourcing takes all the pain of running call center operations from you so you can focus on growing your top line. And this obviously decreases your costs so you can also increase your bottom line. No risks, only rewards. We offer (but not limited to) following Outsourcing services for $9 per hour.

– Outbound Telemarketing
– Inbound Sales
– Customer service
– Technical support
– Email and chat support
– Lead generation
– Appointment setting
– Collections
– Data Entry
– Order confirmations

Virtual Assistants

As a business professional, the tasks in your daily business can pile up very quickly. Is your time worth more money, or a vacation? Our Philippines based virtual assistants can aid you with just that. They have proven to be indispensable for many of the business owners that we work with. By hiring a VA from Sales Rain, you receive a helping hand in taking care of your administrative tasks. Or if you desire, you can have your VA make sales for you in order to grow and expand your company. For only $1,200 a month, you can hire a professional, trained and qualified VA to see a positive change in your business, and your life.

Virtual Assistants let you save time, money, and give you the prestige of having a dedicated, highly-trained secretary – all for an unbeatable price!

Virtual Assistants


How many times have you been sick with a common illness, requiring an immediate doctor’s visit or in the middle of the night? TeleRain MD is a 24/7 revolutionary Telehealth service that allows our customers to call US Board Certified doctors, by phone and video, for only $19.95 per month. This unlimited calling service allows doctors to diagnose your symptoms immediately and even send an electronic prescription to the pharmacy of your choice. With this life-changing service, join the future of healthcare and travel with your doctor anytime, anywhere. We ensure quality care for our members. Check out our video to learn more!

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“I recognize the very valuable contribution to the expansion of our business by the team of professionals from Sales Rain. We started our business relationship in August 2006 and since then we have been always praising not just the volume of the sales but also the quality of work that has inspired all of us. I must admit that we are very confident in this mutual project and my confidence is not just based on the overwhelming result but in their high level of professionalism in all their activities.”.

Major Telecom Company of US
Major Telecom Company of US-President of Major Telecom Company of US.

“We never imagined a US based organization can we create wonders for us in UK. Thanks for all the sales volume your company has given to us over the last two and half years. You are big part of our customer base and we look forward to our continued success in the future.”.

Utility Company UK
Utility Company UK-VP Sales of a Utility Company UK.