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Burnout: Setting The Workforce Ablaze

As kids, we were told that the secret to success is hard work. Though true, what the grown-ups meant by hard work is grinding through long hours and late nights. Powering through fatigue, thinking that all of this labor will be worth it – it’s effective, tycoons from the past can attest to it. But […]

Socialize and Celebrate to make the most out of Coworking Spaces

The rise and success of coworking spaces wasn’t groundless. It wasn’t unprecedented. If not, it seemed inevitable. Since its inception, it had brought so much to the industry, from aesthetically pleasing workspaces to communities that foster passion, creativity and collaboration – something that most office space solutions don’t really have. Not to mention the numerous […]

Plug and Play: Startups Made Easier with Seat Leasing

Business is a gamble. Placing your faith in the implementation of an idea – that you most likely formed through a drunken conversation with your friends – and hoping that it’ll put food in your stomach and a roof over your head, is a gamble. But there’s just something exhilarating and noble in starting something […]

Ditching The Office Desk: Location Independence and Coworking

In the recent years, the industry have seen numerous changes in the work culture. Labor force slowly getting dominated by the Millennials, traditional 9-to-5 shift slowly diminishing and even office spaces themselves are changing. Economic developments and other social change caused businesses to adapt to new demands and challenges arising. This, then of course, opened […]

Creativity, Productivity and Office Designs

Albert Einstein once said that “creativity is contagious”, pass it on. Contrary to popular belief, creativity doesn’t really come from one sole place. It usually comes from a piece of artwork or simply, anything – that inspires one person to create another masterpiece. Though not everyone has innate artistic abilities, anyone can be inspired by […]

The Gray Area, a Path Leading to the Goldilocks Zone

Work, for most of us, is simply black or white – no in-betweens. You either work hard or not at all. We either hustle hard, overdo things and end up burning out ourselves or do so little, we start to be bored and feel underutilized. Either way, both are just as toxic to an individual’s […]

Digital Nomads of the 21st Century

Nomads of the First Century Nomadic People The term nomads was first heard in the early years of civilization as groups of people or communities who move from place to place instead of setting down in one. Unlike migration, major and permanent move from one location to another, nomadic people annually and occasionally return to […]

Reasons Why You Should Choose The Philippines

Well known for its great white sand beaches, clear blue oceans and warm hospitality – Philippines have become one of the greatest tourist destinations in Asia. But in the recent years, the country has proven itself to be so much more than the perfect vacation getaway. In the year 2015, Philippines took over Mumbai’s position […]

The Big Move Towards Coworking

Though relevantly new, Coworking continues to prove that it’s not just a passing trend but an innovation about to completely change the game. According to the first Global Coworking Survey of the year 2017, the number of spaces have increased from 1,130 to 23,800 over the last 6 six years. Consequently, the numbers of members […]