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Three Steps to Help Accelerate Your Personal Growth

Each of us have once experienced a rough transition towards a new chapter of our life. When we reached our teenage years, we ventured out of our comfort zones in attempt of finding our true selves amidst the peer influence and societal pressures. As we entered college, this journey continued on. We slowly figured out […]

The Hidden Potential in Peer Groups and Interconnectedness

Psychologists cannot stress it enough, but just so that we remember; other people’s thoughts and behaviors are powerful enough to influence us. We’re all humans after all, so it’s only natural for us to be affected by external factors such as peer groups. The people whom we surround ourselves will affect your overall potential and […]

Flexible Spaces are Beating Traditional Offices in Affordability

As early as January 2018, latest research have already shown a significant difference between flexible workspaces and traditional offices in terms of pricing. The latest propriety data of real estate service firm Cushman & Wakefield and serviced office broker Instant Offices shows that businesses found in the world’s major cities can save up to 73% […]

Maximizing Your Workday Through Energy Management

Majority of us start our work day with a clear outline schedule in our hands. If not, we have our to-do lists – with the most crucial tasks written atop and those that could be accomplished at a later time found down below. Our automatic response during a surge of heavy workload and other deliverable […]

Thriving in Negative Feedback and Receiving it Like a Pro

Admittedly, we are all afraid of committing mistakes. The idea of being called out for an error we might’ve missed and risking one’s reputation is something that we’re not entirely comfortable with. Nor are we fond of receiving negative feedback from either friends or colleagues. Though we tend to fear feedback, it’s actually much more […]

Looking Forward to Coworking Predictions for 2018

The coworking movement saw nothing but so much untapped potential and great opportunities during the year 2017. The movement slowly but surely became a global phenomenon as the population of digital nomads and remote workers grew. This generation’s startups and professionals created a new need for flexible workspaces that allows them to work anytime and […]

Forming Bonds: The Art of Networking Without The Network

An average person would spend one third of his/her life working and within that period, they would meet a hundred to a thousand of professionals through meetings, conferences and other colleagues. Somewhere along the way, we would create connections with these individuals and form a professional network with one another. The bonds that we create […]