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Virtual Offices and The Women of Work

The Philippine Commission on Women (PCW) announced last Mach 1st that the theme for this year’s National Women’s Month Celebration will surround on the theme “We Make Change Work For Women” with the aim of celebrating the achievements of women and girls across the nation. Empowering the females of the country to actively and confidently […]

Work is Now Digital

Why We Still Need Offices Undeniably, our way of working has gone through drastic changes. Today’s technology has allowed us to work almost anywhere we want – spurring a question that a growing majority of us is asking; if work have become digital why do we still come to offices? British economist Frances Cairncross – […]

Sales Rain: A Leader in Office Space Leasing During Pandemic Times

The ongoing coronavirus pandemic continues to put pressure on the Office Leasing Market due to a series of lockdowns and government-mandated orders that sent company employees to work from home. Many providers were forced to reimagine their facilities while rapidly addressing the needs of their people. Sales Rain on the other hand, persevered in adapting to the changing […]

Creating a Middle Ground for Collaboration and Focus

Today’s architects, interior designers, as well as engineers are fully engaged in a journey of discovering the different ways our run-down-the-mill offices increase our overall efficiency while promoting collaboration at the same time. Much to their surprise, they discovered a risk that was often swept under the rug by today’s large majority: distraction. Architectural firm, […]

The Essentials To a Healthy Workforce: The Overlooked Fundamentals

The physical and psychological health of today’s workforce is endangered as workplace stress creates an even higher toll on employees overall well-being. Affecting productivity and driving up voluntary turnover, the phenomenon has cost US employers nearly $200 billion yearly in healthcare coverage. And as a response, several companies come up with their own solution to […]

Wonder Women: How Ladies Are Changing the Corporate World

The youngest demographic of today’s workforce – the Millennials – have brought a ton of change in the world of business. From the way we do business and even our work area. This generation’s penchant for autonomy pushed several corporations to reconsider the modern innovations occurring in terms of work. And though these modifications have […]

Sales Rain Launches Coworking and Private Workspaces in Ortigas

Sales Rain announces the launch of Coworking and Private Workspaces in its recently opened seventh site at the heart of Pasig Central Business District, Ortigas City. A place that’s accessible to a wide range of public transportation where many local businesses and multinational companies have set up their offices due to its diverse networking opportunities. […]