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Incorporating Privacy Strategies in Open Plan Offices

Open plan layouts were welcomed with open arms and was well-received by the majority of the industry. So much so, that within the following years, the world watched in awe as its numbers increased. As of writing 70% of employees in America alone work in open-plan offices and experts predict that its numbers will continue […]

A Golden Opportunity: Meeting Rooms in Coworking Spaces

On a normal basis, large gatherings and conferences are usually held in meeting rooms within high-end hotel rooms but in the presence of serviced offices, this tradition is slowly being disrupted. Other than being a coworking space’s most profitable asset, they also represent a large opportunity for growth, industry experts say. Shared workplaces with rooms […]

Flexible Spaces are Beating Traditional Offices in Affordability

As early as January 2018, the latest research has shown a significant difference between flexible spaces and traditional offices in pricing. The latest propriety data of real estate service firm Cushman & Wakefield and serviced office broker Instant Offices shows that businesses found in the world’s major cities can save up to 73% in overhead […]

Five Design Elements That Enhance Productivity

Today’s workers and employers have focused the majority of their energy in enhancing their productivity. Several articles and blog sites have discussed “productivity hacks” while some have busted out inspirational Q&A’s with top CEOs and entrepreneurs on how they stay efficient. There’s even apps that guide you through “focused” meditation. But there are limits to […]

Virtual Offices and The Women of Work

The Philippine Commission on Women (PCW) announced last Mach 1st that the theme for this year’s National Women’s Month Celebration will surround on the theme “We Make Change Work For Women” with the aim of celebrating the achievements of women and girls across the nation. Empowering the females of the country to actively and confidently […]

Work is Now Digital

Why We Still Need Offices Undeniably, our way of working has gone through drastic changes. Today’s technology has allowed us to work almost anywhere we want – spurring a question that a growing majority of us is asking; if work have become digital why do we still come to offices? British economist Frances Cairncross – […]

Sales Rain: A Leader in Office Space Leasing During Pandemic Times

The ongoing coronavirus pandemic continues to put pressure on the Office Leasing Market due to a series of lockdowns and government-mandated orders that sent company employees to work from home. Many providers were forced to reimagine their facilities while rapidly addressing the needs of their people. Sales Rain on the other hand, persevered in adapting to the changing […]

Creating a Middle Ground for Collaboration and Focus

Today’s architects, interior designers, as well as engineers are fully engaged in a journey of discovering the different ways our run-down-the-mill offices increase our overall efficiency while promoting collaboration at the same time. Much to their surprise, they discovered a risk that was often swept under the rug by today’s large majority: distraction. Architectural firm, […]