Sales Rain’s Cloud Technology Arm Launches its Contact Center Software: Apayaa

Sales Rain Inc, proudly announced the release of Version 1.0.0 of its new call center dialer software application, developed by its cloud technology arm, Telerain, Inc. The dialer application, aptly named Apayaa, according to Sale Rain CEO; Rajeev Agarwal “is considered to be a robust Omni Channel Contact Center Solution.

This is software specifically designed for call centers to manage inbound and outbound phone calls. It works like a traditional PBX does but, with a lot more functionality as call center operations require. The software promises to deliver users end to end multi-tenant PBX Services, along with common features such as Caller ID, Call Transfer, Call Parking, Call Forwarding, Call Recording, Call Reporting, Voicemail, Follow Me, Auto Attendant/IVR, Call Queues. Call Screening and advanced features, such as Reach me, Voicemail To Text and much more. We are so happy to introduce the world to Apayaa and look forward to watch it grow and serve many customers in the years to come.” The Apayaa product website is in the works and will be made live soon. For more information on Apayaa please contact Sales Rain or stay tuned for more details to be announced right here.”

Sales Rain is an integrated service provider of call center services, seat leasing, infrastructure leasing, outsourcing, Doctor by Phone Service, virtual assistant, hosted PBX, and cloud based dialer solutions. Sales Rain is a US incorporated Company with its branch offices registered in Philippines.