Office Space for Rent in the Philippines

Office Space for Rent in the Philippines- 7 Reasons to Locate Your Office in the Philippines

The Philippines is the BPO capital of the world. Small, medium and large business entities are shifting their office locations to this country due to the benefits offered by the government. Moreover, many projects are outsourced to agencies in the Philippines for cost efficiency and state-of-the-art infrastructure.

Let us take a quick look at the reasons to consider and decide to locate a business in the Philippines.

Reasons for finding a business in the Philippines

  1. Office spaces for rent in business districts 

The Government of the Philippines has set up business districts to encourage foreign investors. Being the BPO capital of the world, the Philippines offer great options for renting commercial spaces in these business districts. Companies can easily set up their workstations by seeking office space for rent. Even freelancers worldwide can set their feet in this country and work in co-working spaces in exchange for minimal service charges.

  1. Voice process and customer service support

Another reason to set up an office in this country is its dominance in BPO services. A business’s voice processes and customer service segments can be easily located in this country. The infrastructure for BPO companies is as per the international industry standards. Outsourcing these services here can save as much as 60% of business capital.

  1. Large pool of expertise and skills

Another reason that makes the Philippines the ideal place to locate a business is the availability of a large talent pool of skills and expertise. It makes developing a modern workforce easier. Arranging a working crew is easier and more cost-efficient in this country.

  1. Government support

The BPO industry in the Philippines generates 10% of the country’s revenue. Hence, the government has developed special incentive schemes and tax holidays through BOI and PEZA. It relaxes the expense of setting up an office in the leading business districts in Cebu, Manila and other cities.

  1. Infrastructure

International businesses can avail of the excellent infrastructure in this country. It has enhanced its IT infrastructure in and around metro cities offering Class A buildings, high-speed internet connections, IT solutions, transportation means, etc. From availing of office space for rent to developing a team of professionals and office space, every step will gain excellent support from the infrastructure of the business districts.

      6. Seat leasing or offshore development center (ODC)

A company can outsource its business requirements or find an offshore development center (ODC) in the Philippines. Leading co-working service providers offer dedicated commercial spaces, co-working offices, seat leasing services, etc.

      7. Cultural compatibility

Almost 92% of the population speaks English fluently and is culturally compatible with all kinds of businesses. Based on cultural diversity and compatibility, this country is ideal for office relocation, new office setup, and outsourcing.

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Why Should You Outsource Your Business To The Philippines?

Hiring an entire team for specific business requirements might be hectic and can consume a lot of resources in the long run. Most businesses seek apt expertise outside the boundaries and outsource their industry requirements.

For instance, the Philippines is an excellent option for business process outsourcing and customer service. You can find the expertise for all kinds of business requirements in this country. Companies can also take office space for rent in this country and operate to increase their grasp in an international market.

Let us take a quick look at why outsourcing customer service, BPO support, and voice campaigns to service providers in this country is ideal.

Reasons for outsourcing BPO needs

  1. BPO capital of the world

Over the years, the Philippines have become the BPO capital of the world. It has an excellent workforce and expertise in every industrial field. You can also hire customer support, voice-related, and BPO services from top-level service providers without hassle. The initiation of business processes is much faster here.

  1. Cost-efficient services

Another prime reason for outsourcing such business requirements to this country is cost efficiency. Apart from the minimal cost, a business can afford office space for lease, and you can avail of these services at a meager price. It results in higher flexibility in allocating financial resources and management for all businesses. Companies can save as much as 60% of their expenses by carrying the same services in their countries.

  1. No language barrier

The natives of this country are not only experts in providing such skills but have a neutral accent that is accepted worldwide. This country has been a colony for centuries. Due to the presence of Americans and Spaniards, a neutral-level English accent has been developed among skilled service professionals. It means Philippine English is acceptable in North America, South America and Europe.

  1. Exclusive government support

The Philippine government is highly supportive and welcomes such ventures. It offers special incentives in terms of Philippine Economic Zone Authority exemptions. This country’s Board of Investment (BOI) also lends exclusive support to businesses willing to open a branch. These authoritative bodies know that BPO services and outsourcing run 10% of the economy of this country.

  1. Infrastructure

The special economic zones in this country offer exclusive office space for lease to all kinds of companies for opening workstations. The IT infrastructure and civil development follow Class A worldwide standards. The availability of proper food, safety and transportation throughout the day also makes this country ideal for such ventures.

Flexibility at its best

Companies can either take an office space for rent or can outsource the requirements to a service provider. It means these companies operating anywhere in the world will find the Philippines the ideal location to open a new branch or can outsource and enjoy excellent prospects.

Both options are perfect for adding an Asian presence to the business portfolio.

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