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BGC The Best Place For Services, Offices and Business in Manila

The Philippines is known as the BPO capital of the world. IT-BPO services drive more than 10% of its economy. The government is well aware of bringing international business to the top metro cities such as Manila by creating a business-friendly environment for foreign investment.

Over the years, Bonifacio Global City (BGC) in Manila has been an excellent platform for opening virtual offices, offshore development centers and outsourcing IT-BPM requirements. There are tailored PEZA spaces to rent offices in the BGC district.

Why is BGC the best place?

  1. Business district

BGC is one of the most coveted business districts in Manila that most international businesses prefer. This location offers multi-story buildings with office spaces available in 15,000 sq. km. There are excellent options regarding large tenants, business destinations, leisure spots, residential options, cultural zones, etc. The government has also designed excellent commute mediums for employees. Affordable accommodations enable professionals to stay closer to office locations.

  1. Excellent government policies

The government has designed excellent incentive plans for foreign investors and tax holidays to relax the financial norms to a considerable extent. It is done through PEZA and BOI so that international entities can find BGC, Manila, an excellent location as an offshore business site.

These government policies also benefit the local investors interested in investing in the betterment of the infrastructure of BGC. Thus, it is a win-win situation for the government, local investors, and foreign companies.

  1. Talent pool and expertise

More than 92% of the population can speak English quite well. The accent of the people who work in the BPO segment is not an issue even for American, European and Asian companies. Hence, hiring skilled professionals and experts in different verticals is the new norm in this tech age. Due to this factor, most international investors and foreign companies are looking for offices in BGC.

  1. Many business modes

BGC is where service providers offer excellent business modes for foreign companies. Companies either directly outsource the IT-BPM requirements or open a new offshore workplace. They can also find shared office spaces, virtual offices, and rental office spaces for business development. Many service providers lease co-working spaces at affordable prices.

Co-working spaces or shared office spaces come with excellent service packages that a company can easily avail of. It can also customize its requirements and choose a personalized package based on the available resources. Hence, the flexibility of such services makes BGC an excellent business address for opening a new branch.


These four factors make BGC in Manila an excellent place to invest in an offshore office space. Developing a business becomes more accessible when an advanced infrastructure is available and ready. Such infrastructure covers all the aspects of a business ranging from reception to IT, office supplies to security.

The offices in BGC are customizable based on contemporary requirements too. Find a service provider for office spaces in BGC and kick-start your offshore operations immediately.

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Virtual Office Rental

Virtual Office Rental – The Ideal Business Solution in a Stressed Global Economy

The global economy is gradually recovering from the big blow of the pandemic. The stressful conditions reflect on businesses and companies of all sizes. Hence, companies, entrepreneurs, and freelancers often look for specific options to trim expenses and survive these stressed economic conditions.

In this scenario, a virtual office rental space can be one of the best resources to trim the overhead costs related to maintaining a commercial space, infrastructure, etc. Now that we have exclusive work-from-home facilities due to the introduction of advanced technologies and unified communication (UC) platforms, virtual office space is enough to meet daily business requirements.

Here is how a virtual office space can be the best solution during a stressed global economy.

Reasons for finding a business in the Philippines

  1. Zero overheads

Virtual office space is a service that top commercial space owners in leading business districts provide. It means almost everything a modern office must have will be there. Hence, it will fall in a package chosen by a renter. The service provider will take care of office supplies, furniture, IT support, plumbing, equipment, hardware, etc.

  1. Cost-efficient decision

An owned commercial space can be a financial burden when the economic condition needs to improve. Moreover, SMEs and startups will also find renting an office space financially stressful. A virtual office rental space can be a cost-efficient decision. You pay only for the services you choose. There is no need to arrange infrastructure from scratch either.

  1. Professional service

Virtual office spaces are always in a commercial complex. It means the service provider will deliver professionalism at all levels.

  1. Professionalism from the business angle

Startups, freelancers and SMEs will need an up-market address to impress clients. To have it, they will not have to spend a fortune anymore. Without compromising your business image, choose a co-working or virtual office space in top locations and add more value to your business image.

  1. Commute time

Another reason to rent a virtual office space is to reduce commute time. Business districts usually comprise virtual office spaces built in and around metro cities. Hence, commute and other facilities will always be there to add to your convenience list.

      6. Flexible work timings

You or the employees can visit the workplace only when needed. It is a virtual space, and you can set it accordingly. Moreover, a virtual office rental space is open for renters all the time. You can walk in during office hours any day and work as per your wish.

      7. Flexible packages

The packages designed by the service provider are flexible and can be customized. It means you can change your requirements based on your contemporary situation.

In a nutshell

These advantages of virtual office space are ideal for stressed economic conditions. The best part is renting an office space and working from the next day without delay. Choose an office address to impress your clients without financial burden.

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Ten benefit of co-working space

Ten benefits of co-working space

With the advent of a work-from-home (WFH) culture, companies are hiring professionals from different verticals to meet diverse requirements. In a way, the WFH mode is potentially boosting productivity. On the other hand, professionals find them confined in a workspace at home, causing monotony and procrastination. 

Renting a co-working space turns out to be a boon. With minimal expense, professionals such as small business owners, entrepreneurs, startups, etc., can enjoy the freedom of a corporate workspace and enjoy excellent benefits.

Here is a list of advantages that make a modern co-working space the need of the moment.

Benefits of co-working spaces

  1. Professional business address

A professional working from home needs a business address, which might be a significant setback for business deals. Co-working spaces are developed in the business districts established by the government in and around the metro cities. Hence, an up-market address is what you need to impress clients easily.

  1. Networking

These commercial spaces nurture a dynamic population of professionals, business owners, freelancers, entrepreneurs, startups, etc. Hence, you will become a part of an active population and will be able to meet with like-minded people regularly. Developing a network becomes a lot easier.

  1. Multiple spots to work in

A well-defined coworking space offers excellent options to work in. for instance, you can either work in your dedicated cubicle or office in a co-working space. You can also take a walk in the open with your laptop and work while enjoying a coffee. These commercial spaces come with excellent spots to avoid monotony.

  1. Customizable packages

Another benefit of such office spaces is customizable packages tailored to meet your requirements. You can choose from a diverse set of packages or can make a personalized deal as you need.

  1. Flexibility

You can also alter the requirements based on your current needs, and the service provider will happily comply. This flexibility can save hard-earned money on overhead expenses.

      6. Discounts and offers

Service providers often attract professionals with exclusive offers and discounts based on the packages designed for a coworking space in business districts.

      7. Events

Service providers often conduct professional events to network and attract more clients. Participate in those events to meet new people and make connections. You can boost your business operations with such occurrences by being a service provider client without spending a fortune.

      8. Enhanced productivity

Co-working spaces are a boon for startups, freelancers, and business owners in terms of enhancing productivity. A professional zone with international-grade infrastructure works a lot.

     9. Events

International-grade infrastructure offers better working environments without spending a fortune on it.

     10. Events

A coworking space will eradicate monotony. You are not obligated to be present daily but can visit as you feel.

These benefits make co-working spaces ideal for modern independent professionals to work, meet clients, and remain productive.

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Office Space for Rent in the Philippines

Office Space for Rent in the Philippines- 7 Reasons to Locate Your Office in the Philippines

The Philippines is the BPO capital of the world. Small, medium and large business entities are shifting their office locations to this country due to the benefits offered by the government. Moreover, many projects are outsourced to agencies in the Philippines for cost efficiency and state-of-the-art infrastructure.

Let us take a quick look at the reasons to consider and decide to locate a business in the Philippines.

Reasons for finding a business in the Philippines

  1. Office spaces for rent in business districts 

The Government of the Philippines has set up business districts to encourage foreign investors. Being the BPO capital of the world, the Philippines offer great options for renting commercial spaces in these business districts. Companies can easily set up their workstations by seeking office space for rent. Even freelancers worldwide can set their feet in this country and work in co-working spaces in exchange for minimal service charges.

  1. Voice process and customer service support

Another reason to set up an office in this country is its dominance in BPO services. A business’s voice processes and customer service segments can be easily located in this country. The infrastructure for BPO companies is as per the international industry standards. Outsourcing these services here can save as much as 60% of business capital.

  1. Large pool of expertise and skills

Another reason that makes the Philippines the ideal place to locate a business is the availability of a large talent pool of skills and expertise. It makes developing a modern workforce easier. Arranging a working crew is easier and more cost-efficient in this country.

  1. Government support

The BPO industry in the Philippines generates 10% of the country’s revenue. Hence, the government has developed special incentive schemes and tax holidays through BOI and PEZA. It relaxes the expense of setting up an office in the leading business districts in Cebu, Manila and other cities.

  1. Infrastructure

International businesses can avail of the excellent infrastructure in this country. It has enhanced its IT infrastructure in and around metro cities offering Class A buildings, high-speed internet connections, IT solutions, transportation means, etc. From availing of office space for rent to developing a team of professionals and office space, every step will gain excellent support from the infrastructure of the business districts.

      6. Seat leasing or offshore development center (ODC)

A company can outsource its business requirements or find an offshore development center (ODC) in the Philippines. Leading co-working service providers offer dedicated commercial spaces, co-working offices, seat leasing services, etc.

      7. Cultural compatibility

Almost 92% of the population speaks English fluently and is culturally compatible with all kinds of businesses. Based on cultural diversity and compatibility, this country is ideal for office relocation, new office setup, and outsourcing.

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virtual office-blog

7 Reasons Why Your Online Company Needs a Virtual Office

Virtual offices can allow businesses to work remotely while properly maintaining a physical presence in a particular area without paying the workspace rent. These offices evaluate the boost in remote and online working and are more viable than any other option. Virtual offices can provide a wide range of unique features, such as mailing addresses, receptionists, meeting rooms, voice mail services, coworking desks, fax services, and so much more.

This article will mention a few reasons you need to opt for a virtual office for your small company.

  1. Low Overhead Expenses

Most companies spend about 15-45% of their money on office rent. For businesses, office space requirements demand more than just physical locations. An office is a space where companies can get clients, take meetings, have conferences, share ideas, and create a corporate environment. Virtual offices can be great options since they provide all these features minus the cost of setting up.

  1. Flexible Terms

In the case of virtual offices, there is an adaptable approach to the business. One will be able to customize these services per the company’s requirements. If you ever need to increase or decrease the service benefits in line with your requirements, there are provisions for that. Hence, your online company has all the freedom and flexibility to innovate.

  1. Business Address Without the Commute

Virtual officers also provide you with the business address, which can add a bit of trustworthiness to the brand. You can mention this address in brochures, business cards, pamphlets etc. Hence, it boosts your confidence when you give those brochures to prospective clients and customers.

  1. Productivity Growth

Most workers trust that they are productive when they are working from home. However, only a few feel the same about working from an office space. Maintaining the right working environment in an office space is a struggle. However, with virtual offices, you can solve this issue with its unique features.

  1. Balance

Employees these days are pretty active, and the time they give to their professional life is much more than the time they spend with their friends and family. When it comes to virtual offices, since they don’t have to visit the office space, people can also spend time with their loved ones.

      6. Less Office Space

With virtual office space employment, companies can free up office space they can rent or lease. Setting up a proper virtual office is fast and straightforward because everything happens online.

      7. Access to Talent

Aside from bringing people from different corners of the world into a singular office space, virtual offices also bring talent into the limelight. Companies looking for hardworking processions can use virtual offices to find the right fit.

Wrapping Up

These are some main reasons why choosing a virtual office is a must if you have an online company. Contact Sales Rain professionals right now to get help with this service. Make the right move and invest in a virtual office environment that inspires you to do more.

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service and executive office in Makati

Serviced and Executive Offices – A New Home for a Business in Makati

Business process outsourcing, or the BPO industry, is currently one of the most revolutionary industries in the economy today. With the growth and development of businesses these days, there is a lot to anticipate in terms of companies. Along with that, the roles and responsibilities of working professionals have also increased. That is one of the main reasons why the use of serviced offices has elevated over the years. These offices can be rented temporarily, providing a safe and secure working space for professionals.

When choosing the right location for serviced and executive offices, Makati is one of the few places that provide the best benefits for the people. There are various options for serviced offices for the local and foreign offices setting up their business operations in Makati City. Makati is the financial capital of the Philippines and hence is an ideal location for serviced offices.

This article will discuss some benefits of leading Makati’s serviced and executive offices.

  1. Immediate Customizable Solution

When you are looking to avail yourself of a serviced office in Makati, it is the need of the hour to look for a customizable business location. Sometimes, people don’t have the time to wait to have a concrete building as an office. It takes a lot of effort to construct your own office space. Hence, the best thing to do in that case is to get the serviced offices and executive workspace in Makati.

  1. Flexible Lease Agreements

The offices and serviced workspaces in Makati tend to have more flexible lease agreements when compared to the other conventional office spaces. Since there are fewer restricted leasing options for the people out there, businesses can efficiently allocate their working stations within a brief period. Not to mention that it becomes straightforward and efficient for the clients to contract or expand the size of the offices in the first place.

     3. Cost-Effective Solutions

Finding a serviced offices Makati is one of the most plausible options for setting up an office space. There are a lot of maintenance and operative costs to set up concrete office spaces and working stations. Hence, choosing the serviced offices is one of the most cost-effective solutions for professionals.

  1. Flexibility

One of the main advantages of serviced offices is their flexibility. These office spaces will allow freelancers, individuals, and startups to ensure that they can maintain an effective office environment without having to take responsibility for the location with plug-and-play facilities.

  1. Networking Opportunities

Serviced offices also allow groups and individuals to work closely together even though they belong to specific different organizations. These people get a chance to connect to find the best networking possibilities. They are flexible enough to adapt to you and your team.

Wrapping Up,

Finding the right services office and executive working space will be an ideal solution for businesses. If you are looking for a reliable service provider to help you with serviced offices in Makati, choose Sales Rain for the services right now.

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Sales Rain CEO Rajeev Agarwal Featured in Asian Journal

Sales Rain CEO Rajeev Agarwal featured in Asian Journal Magazine

Sales Rain CEO Rajeev Agarwal Featured in Asian Journal

Sales Rain CEO Rajeev Agarwal Featured in Asian Journal

Sales Rain CEO Rajeev Agarwal was featured in Asian Journal, an online magazine with weekly newspapers published in major cities across the United States such as Los Angeles, San Diego, Nevada, San Francisco, New York, and New Jersey. His article in the Business & Real Estate section of Asian Journal and Balikbayan Magazines for the month of June 2022 is a testament to Sales Rain’s commitment to providing call center & BPO companies with the best office space solutions in the Philippines. He also shared how his serviced office company, Sales Rain, successfully thrived and expanded amid the Covid-19 pandemic. Moreover, the esteemed CEO shared his personal insights about promoting safe working environments post-pandemic. Here’s the transcript of his full interview with Asian Journal.

Asian Journal interview with Sales Rain CEO Rajeev Agarwal

One Step Back, Two Steps Forward

According to Agarwal, the pandemic was a “one step back, two steps forward” process for Sales Rain. While they lost some clients to the crisis, the company’s quick response and strategic decisions successfully created new growth opportunities.

“As everyone knows, office real estate was one of the hardest-hit sectors during COVID,” Agarwal noted. “It was one step back, two steps forward for us…We did lose a few clients, but that makeup was a very small portion of our business.”

“On the brighter side, we gained some new clients,” he added.

For this to happen, Agarwal said the company readily provided the “highest level of support” to its clients and helped them “with whatever we can during the tough times.” These include creating safe office spaces and assisting with the vaccinations.

“We provided discounts, more flexible terms, social distancing, sanitized facilities, work from home and hybrid setups, on site and off site support, and help with the vaccination program,” he enumerated.

Agarwal also attributed Sales Rain’s high retention rate to the sacrifices its own employees made amid the pandemic.

“The kind of sacrifice our employees made being physically present in the offices, overcoming little to no transportation, and many other hardships were some of the key differentiators that helped us retain clients and win some new clients,” he stressed.

Keeping in mind the constant threat of infection while working at an office, Agarwal said Sales Rain compensated by paying all of its employees, getting them vaccinated, and extending concern to their families. And unlike other companies that decided to let go some of its workforce, Sales Rain retained all of its own.

Ushering Growth and Expansion

Despite COVID-19 and its variants, Sales Rain remained a leader in providing premier seat leasing services, coworking spaces and private offices. Its client retention rate was more than 90%, and new offices and further expansions were welcomed before 2021 ended.

Agarwal pointed out that these are due in part to their existing clients growing during the pandemic.

“One of our existing clients added the entire new floor in BGC,” he said. “Another client signed up for the entire new floor in Ortigas and additional floor again in Eastwood.”

In June last year, Sales Rain announced its expansion in BGC to house multinational organizations and startup businesses across various industries. The new floor accommodated over 250 workstations and various workspaces, like conference halls, interview rooms, and training facilities.

Likewise, Sales Rain expanded in Ortigas with the intent to provide outsourcing businesses with flexible and cost-effective workspace solutions. The new floor it acquired in One Corporate Center catered mostly to BPO and call center companies, having amenities such as common areas, meeting rooms, training rooms and sleeping quarters.

Additionally, Agarwal announced that Sales Rain is opening its first office in Palawan soon, and that it’s already fully occupied, indicating the company’s relentless pursuit of creating sustainable working environments to serve and accommodate clients better.

“So overall our retention rate was more than 90% and very satisfactory given the situation,” Agarwal said.

Office Market Recovery

With the Philippines showing marked improvement in terms of handling the pandemic, property market experts have predicted the office space demand to grow in the next few months of 2022. Furthermore, the business process outsourcing (BPO) sector will remain as the country’s biggest demand driver in the local property market — something Agarwal himself has acknowledged.

“The Philippines is a growing economy with a thriving BPO industry. It’s also home for top-quality and hardworking people that are naturally hospitable and can speak good English,” he noted.

According to him, the country is an ideal destination for business professionals who can work from anywhere. Of course, this is a prospect that Agarwal admitted to being excited over.

“For those who are not required to be in the office full time, [the] work from home [setup] will evolve into work from anywhere. Now that travel restrictions are being lifted, digital nomads and some business professionals would want to explore the world and work from anywhere,” he explained.

“The Philippines is a perfect destination for those. We currently have many domestic and international clients from over 20 different countries. We are very excited about our future prospects,” he added.

For Sales Rain’s prospective customers, Agarwal assured that the company will continue to provide safe working environments that are both flexible and economical.

“They can continue to expect the same dedication, service, pricing, and wholesome inclusions,” he said.

Sales Rain is a renowned provider of world-class offices in prime business districts of the Philippines. It provides access to adaptable workspaces, competitive rates, and prime locations that guarantee immense growth for numerous business process outsourcing companies and startup businesses.

Interview was conducted by the Asian Journal team on 01 June 2022.



Sales Rain Acquires New Office Space in Puerto Princesa, Palawan

Sales Rain Acquires New Office Space in Puerto Princesa, Palawan

Sales Rain Acquires New Office Space in Puerto Princesa, Palawan

Sales Rain Acquires New Office Space in Puerto Princesa, Palawan

Palawan Island, “The Last Ecological Frontier of the Philippines,” is an emerald archipelago specifically located in the Mimaropa region, with Puerto Princesa as the province capital. This paradise is famous for its picturesque beaches all across Southeast Asia and tops as one of the best vacation places to visit in Manila,  boasting a diverse plant and wildlife ecology surrounded by turquoise waters. With several subterranean rivers, white beaches, twin lagoons, swimming holes, 1,780 islands, and UNESCO World Heritage Sites, this slice of heaven is definitely a noteworthy travel destination.

The coastal city of Puerto Princesa is a highly urbanized arrival hub in the midsection of Palawan. As the center of trade and commerce, the area is currently being scouted by several call center service providers as a viable site option. Consequently, the recent contract expiration of a major BPO company’s five-year exclusivity agreement with the city has opened doors for other major industry players to explore the region’s talents and workspace resources.

This 2022, Sales Rain has acquired a new office location in Puerto Princesa as part of its aggressive expansion plans in the western provinces. The higher management was impressed with the local talents and the available office infrastructures within the city, making the decision to invest in Palawan an uncomplicated move. With the company’s strong commitment to providing top-notch seat leasing services and flexible rates, the forthcoming Sales Rain office located on the ground floor of Robinsons Place Palawan will boost the region’s economy by creating more jobs and opportunities on the island.

To support the city’s initiative in welcoming more call center and outsourcing industry investors, the Department of Information and Communication Technology (DICT) has included Puerto Princesa in the nationwide list of “Digital Cities” compiled by their group to identify BPO-ready localities. Sales Rain’s 14th office in Palawan is currently under construction and will be launched in August 2022.

Sales Rain Expands in Pasig & Acquires 3rd Ortigas Center Office

Sales Rain Expands in Pasig & Acquires 3rd Ortigas Center Office

Sales Rain Expands in Pasig & Acquires 3rd Ortigas Center Office

Sales Rain Expands in Pasig & Acquires 3rd Ortigas Center Office

Sales Rain will expand its presence in Ortigas Center, Pasig City by acquiring another new office situated on the 14th floor of One Corporate Center. This prominent skyscraper is a PEZA certified facility that is strategically located on the corner of Meralco Avenue and Julia Vargas Avenue in the Ortigas Central Business District. With its modern aesthetics and majestic facade Sales Rain OCC embodies a high-class workspace, perfect for establishing a branch office or corporate headquarters. This is the second Sales Rain office in the aforementioned building and consequently, this is also the company’s third site within Ortigas Center.

In its pursuit to provide outsourcing businesses with flexible and cost-effective workspace solutions, Sales Rain’s expansion in One Corporate Center caters mostly to BPO and call center companies. The company’s fully owned office floor can accommodate 500 seats that have adaptable design layouts, furnished with top notch site features, and will be ready for occupancy in September 2022. In addition to the diverse range of plug-and-play office spaces, this contact center facility comes equipped with amenities such as: common areas, meeting rooms, training rooms, sleeping quarters, restrooms, manager’s office, and other types of private offices. Sales Rain OCC also features high-speed elevators, panoramic view, standby generators, food establishments, convenience store, galleries for exhibits, and a fitness center.

As a trusted leader in serviced offices and flexible workspaces, Sales Rain’s excellence in developing office facilities especially designed for the call center and BPO industry is unparalleled. The company is the frontrunner in offering competitively priced lease agreements and sustainable workplace environments for all types of businesses, no matter the size or operational requirement. If you’re looking for ideal office spaces in Ortigas Center, Sales Rain’s market knowledge and expert support team can help you start your business immediately in Pasig City’s  fastest growing IT hub. 

Sales Rain's Second BGC Office in Taguig City is Now Operational

Sales Rain’s Second BGC Office in Taguig City is Now Operational

Sales Rain's Second BGC Office in Taguig City is Now Operational

Sales Rain’s Second BGC Office in Taguig City is Now Operational

Following the news of its expansion in BGC last June, Sales Rain is proud to announce that its fully enhanced 1,027.10 square meters of leasable area is now operational and ready to serve multifaceted companies from various industries.

The company recently acquired Inoza Tower’s 15th floor with the intent of developing new infrastructures built to provide functional spaces ranging from seat leasing, private offices, shared desks, and meeting areas. The aforementioned office level has easy access to several food establishments, malls, banks, and 24/7 convenience stores, making it more favorable for its members to accomplish daily errands. Moreover, its recent expansion in BGC aims to present growth opportunities for numerous Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) companies and startup businesses to operate in one of the country’s leading business districts and, through flexible office plans,  achieve beneficial outcomes in the most cost-efficient ways. 

Sales Rain’s newest procurement is now completely operational with over 250 workstations and a wide variety of workspaces such as conference halls, interview rooms, and training facilities designed to foster team collaboration and achieve maximum productivity. Furthermore, the entire fully furnished floor comes equipped with sleeping quarters, shower spaces, comfort rooms, locker, and storage rooms to bring forth additional amenities in pursuance of extended comfort and accessibility to its members.

Sales Rain continues to offer adaptable workspaces with the same vision of helping companies and even freelancers reach success by providing safe working environments that are both flexible and penny-wise. Its consistent effort to demonstrate innovative solutions paved the way for further expansion and improvement of its offices that are established to cater today’s modern industries. The company’s brand new office floor will continue to house multinational organizations with its all-inclusive and affordable office plans, workable lease agreements, and dedicated support to help businesses thrive amid the current circumstances.


Known for its premier seat leasing services and game-changing business solutions, Sales Rain is a renowned provider of world-class offices in prime business districts of the Philippines. Our services are designed to be the perfect strategic tool for you and your business. Rethink your way of working with us and book a tour today!