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Six Steps to Find the Perfect Office Space in BGC

Finding an office in a leading location can be a daunting task. So many options are available, and you will have to choose after doing a comprehensive research. You will also have to know where to begin and what you need. Without making it more confusing, let us delve deeper into the six key steps that help you choose the best option among the offices in BGC.

Six steps to choose an office in BGC

  1. Find the needs

Your needs will define your future office space. Determine your needs first. Take your time to identify and comprehend those needs. Do you have any business expansion plans for the next few years? Are you looking for special projects or have to hire a workforce? Consider the factor of renting an office space after you have done your homework to determine your current needs.

  1. Flexible infrastructure solutions

More than four walls and ceilings will define your office. It must have specific requirements that can support your business operations well. On the other hand, your employees will also have some expectations regarding joining an office. Hence, the infrastructure of an office must be up to the mark for well-acclaimed seat leasing facilities, enclosed private offices, and versatile coworking spaces. This infra must include amenities, services, car parking, seating arrangements, meeting rooms, etc.

  1. Strategic Location

The next step is to check for the probable locations of your new office. Make sure you have chosen the leading areas in the city that employees and clients prefer visiting. The flexibility in commute also becomes a factor for the employees. Hence, your next focus should be on the location part of your new office space.

Determine a few leading locations and start scouting the best offices in BGC to rent. Check the services offered by these offices and jot down to make a list.

  1. Seek information and compare

Ask for the correct information related to office space layouts from the service providers. Give them a call and explain what you need. Gather detailed information for all the leading options on your list and start comparing them.

Ask for quotes from the authorities and compare these names. Make a short list of those offices and check what amenities you can get in those service packages. Make sure you ask for the best pointers and features that make an office space a lucrative option from the service provider.

  1. Visit or take a virtual tour

Visit the probable office spaces physically or take a virtual tour. Check the business and non-business facilities offered thoroughly.

  1. Negotiate and put in an offer

Choose one of the suitable options you have found and make an offer. Explain the services you need and set a package you will have to afford every month.


This is how you can find the most amazing offices in BGC to choose from. Make sure you get customized office solutions.

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What is a Virtual Office and How Can it Benefit Your Business?

Over the years, the definition of workstations has been transformed from a local presence to a global one. The brilliant development of infrastructure has simplified the process of availing of new offices in different locations worldwide. For instance, the infrastructure offered by the Philippine government in terms of Class A buildings, reliable IT services and outsourcing markets make it easier for companies to open a new branch.


The idea of virtual office spaces in the Philippines is an excellent method of opening a new branch to increase the global presence of a business. The virtual office plans allow you to set up stations anywhere you want without disrupting the business-like image your company already has.

Let us learn what a virtual office Philippines stands for and its benefits.

What is a virtual office?

A virtual office is an address provided by a service provider to a business in a location, preferably in a commercial district. It can work as an official address for the companies even if they operate in a different country.

It covers all office-related services ranging from official communication and outsourcing efficiently. In exchange for the rent and chosen office-related service, an amount is paid by the companies to the virtual office providers.

Benefits of virtual office Philippines

  1. Flexible packages of services

Virtual office space offers exclusive services, and you can choose from them. These services include onsite professional amenities, flexible meeting spaces, virtual assistance, onsite reception, live answering and reception service, mailing service, etc. It all depends on the services you choose in exchange for a nominal financial investment.

  1. Cost efficiency

Hiring a virtual office Philippines will be the best bet in making your offshore business operations more cost-effective. You will not have to invest a fortune in setting up a new office and hiring a workforce. The government often reduces the rent and service packages to attract more businesses from European and American soil.

Conventional virtual office space will be the perfect place to conduct business operations and work as the communication address. The service provider will offer physical support by appointing employees to care for all the specific official requirements.

  1. You can work from anywhere and access this virtual office

You can access your virtual office easily from anywhere in the world. Professional staff will conduct your business operations and correspondence from this virtual office address. It means any business contact will come and get a good service that will increase your company’s professional image.

  1. Increase credibility

By adding another office address overseas, you can increase your business’s credibility and significantly impact your Asian clients.

  1. Talent pool

Considering your current business requirements, the Philippines is an ideal country to hire talents and expertise. You can access relevant knowledge and skills when needed by getting a virtual office.

Wrapping up

Hence, a virtual office Philippines is a great idea to increase your business and make its portfolio stronger. Impress clients with your Philippine presence and make a positive impact. Enjoy a hassle-free business center in this country!

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Why Should You Outsource Your Business To The Philippines?

Hiring an entire team for specific business requirements might be hectic and can consume a lot of resources in the long run. Most businesses seek apt expertise outside the boundaries and outsource their industry requirements.

For instance, the Philippines is an excellent option for business process outsourcing and customer service. You can find the expertise for all kinds of business requirements in this country. Companies can also take office space for rent in this country and operate to increase their grasp in an international market.

Let us take a quick look at why outsourcing customer service, BPO support, and voice campaigns to service providers in this country is ideal.

Reasons for outsourcing BPO needs

  1. BPO capital of the world

Over the years, the Philippines have become the BPO capital of the world. It has an excellent workforce and expertise in every industrial field. You can also hire customer support, voice-related, and BPO services from top-level service providers without hassle. The initiation of business processes is much faster here.

  1. Cost-efficient services

Another prime reason for outsourcing such business requirements to this country is cost efficiency. Apart from the minimal cost, a business can afford office space for lease, and you can avail of these services at a meager price. It results in higher flexibility in allocating financial resources and management for all businesses. Companies can save as much as 60% of their expenses by carrying the same services in their countries.

  1. No language barrier

The natives of this country are not only experts in providing such skills but have a neutral accent that is accepted worldwide. This country has been a colony for centuries. Due to the presence of Americans and Spaniards, a neutral-level English accent has been developed among skilled service professionals. It means Philippine English is acceptable in North America, South America and Europe.

  1. Exclusive government support

The Philippine government is highly supportive and welcomes such ventures. It offers special incentives in terms of Philippine Economic Zone Authority exemptions. This country’s Board of Investment (BOI) also lends exclusive support to businesses willing to open a branch. These authoritative bodies know that BPO services and outsourcing run 10% of the economy of this country.

  1. Infrastructure

The special economic zones in this country offer exclusive office space for lease to all kinds of companies for opening workstations. The IT infrastructure and civil development follow Class A worldwide standards. The availability of proper food, safety and transportation throughout the day also makes this country ideal for such ventures.

Flexibility at its best

Companies can either take an office space for rent or can outsource the requirements to a service provider. It means these companies operating anywhere in the world will find the Philippines the ideal location to open a new branch or can outsource and enjoy excellent prospects.

Both options are perfect for adding an Asian presence to the business portfolio.

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Why should professionals work from a co-working space?

Professionals focused on their goals and who like to work on their prospects will need a positive working environment to feel more enthusiastic. With the world moving so fast, you will need an excellent address to work from. Sometimes, renting a huge office in a leading address might be unaffordable. A co-working space is the best option.

Here are why modern professionals are choosing this option worldwide.

Benefits of Co-working space

  1. Good environment for motivation

The concept of co-working spaces is not new but has been transformed over the years. Professionals are choosing this option at a higher rate to enjoy a positive environment and work more enthusiastically.

The design of a co-working space in the leading business locations delivers everything you need. You can work and even conduct a business meeting. The presence of modern amenities indeed makes this option more fruitful and productive.

  1. Cost-effectiveness

Why waste your hard-earned money renting a huge office or buying a small commercial property? You might have to increase the office space or trim down your requirements. Renting a coworking space is the best policy.

You can save a lot on resources by renting this space, as it costs way less than a full-fledged office. You will share a working space with other professionals, but the environment will be similar to a dedicated office floor. You can meet your business demands with the infrastructure within your budget limits.

  1. Collaboration and networking

Another good reason the experts suggest choosing a co-working office space in the leading business locations is to make new friends and networks. Be a part of the dynamic population and collaborate. Be a part of the networks and seek opportunities. You will find availing of various services in such locations much more accessible.

Your employees will also find working in such spaces ideal. They will feel the urge to be a part of the production team and do miracles on the floor. Hence, the overall productivity will increase along with the chances of expanding your business.

  1. Access to modern facilities

A modern coworking space is adorned with top-notch facilities ranging from seating arrangements, office furniture, parking space, cafeteria, and lounge to meeting rooms. You will also get reception and other non-business services. All the entities that are working in that space share such modern facilities. Hence, the overall cost will reduce considerably, and you can access these facilities without any financial burden.

  1. Professional image boost

Rest assured, working in a leading co-working office space in a business district with total autonomy in your way of working also comes with perks that make every workday worthwhile and productive. The brilliant workspace and the exclusive services will impress clients and employees to the highest level.


The five points mentioned above clearly explain how beneficial a coworking space is for your professional career. Your attitude towards achieving your goals will certainly change. It will impact all the people working with you positively.

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Advantages of Renting an Office Space in BGC

The definition of a business gets redefined when it has a strategic address for correspondence and the conduction of operations. The presence of a business in the leading commercial districts of a city is ideal for impressing clients and making conveyance easier too. Hence, most businesses, companies, and organizations in the Philippines look for the perfect BGC office space for rent.

Why choose BGC?

Bonifacio Global City (BGC) is the leading commercial district of the Philippines. A financial and lifestyle district located at the heart of Taguig, Bonifacio Global City is known for its modern architectural masterpieces and lively neighborhood with contemporary office blocks. This place has the best infrastructure for any business. You will find the leading infrastructure for conducting your business operations from IT to expertise. The Government of the Philippines also offers exclusive offers and exemptions to promote this business district as the right place to choose for opening a new office.

Advantages of BGC office space for rent

  1. All kinds of commercial space available for rent

No matter your need, you can always choose the best commercial space for rent and kick-start your business operations in an office in no time. This part is the IT-BPO hub of this part of the Asian continent that businesses are quite attracted to.

  1. Support of the local government

The local government of Cebu City is quite supportive of the ventures businesses show to construct an office space here. The city’s economy runs on this infrastructure, and the government is very constructive in providing so.

The local policies, commercial infrastructure, commutes, roads, transport, etc., are all in the right places. BGC in Cebu is a great place to work for the employees too. The municipal development in this location is quite impressive and encouraging for conducting business.

  1. Sustainable choices

The steps for the local government’s preservation and protection of the environment will surely impress you. You can also join this noble venture and enjoy the international-grade office infrastructure. The transformation of this part of the business district is remarkable. The highest care is taken in conducting commercial operations without hampering the ecosystem. Hence, you can rent a BGC office space for rent without feeling guilty about the carbon footprint and ecological harm.

  1. The finest pool of skills and expertise in the country

Getting your hands on the finest expertise and skills will become much easier when you open an office in this city. The native English matches well with the international grade due to colonization history. Hence, an international office in this location is perfect for enhancing your business portfolio.

  1. Cost efficiency

Undoubtedly, the diverse set of options to open an office and customize it according to your future needs in BGC will save a lot of your time and resources. The cost-efficient choices are ideal for kick-starting an office in BGC in the first place.


These are the prime advantages that make the BGC office space for rent a sustainable and cost-effective choice for all businesses.

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Why is co-working a Growing Trend in the Philippines

Over the years, the Philippines have become a popular choice for multinational companies to open new workstations to increase their reach in the Asian continent. The government offers exclusive benefits to those businesses interested in enriching its economy. From offering tax holidays and incentives, the government has designed the perfect places to work for such companies.


In recent years, many businesses and professionals have chosen the idea of co-working spaces to work in this country and enjoy the financial benefits. Over the decade, it has become a trend to kick-start a business to meet professional requirements by renting a co-working space in Manila or other business districts. Let us find out why this idea has gained so much popularity.

Reasons for the popularity of co-working space in the Philippines

  1. Affordable choice

There is no need to invest a considerable amount at any stage of a business to avail of a world-class setup for conducting operations. The co-working space designs are so unique that they can fit perfectly into any requirement. The readymade spaces with all the modern facilities meet the expectation quite well. Business owners and professionals can easily rent a co-working space without spending a fortune on setting up a workstation.

It is highly affordable and causes less financial burden than owning a commercial space or renting an entire floor of a building. The packages are affordable and ideal for start-ups, business owners, professionals, freelancers and even full-fledged organizations.

  1. Flexible choices

The idea of co-working in Manila comes with complete flexibility. What does this mean, and why is it ideal for commercial operations? Imagine a growing business that needs a retail space to work. What if its requirement changes over the years? The idea of a co-working space in the Philippines will offer the best choices. You can upgrade your requirement based on prospects. It means a decision can be made by following the latest business needs and financial status, and you can control the outcome well.

  1. Exclusive modern services

There is no need to spend much money on hiring non-business staff when the co-working space authority offers it. It means when a business rents space in such a facility, the services such as reception, concierge, maintenance, office supplies, cafeteria, seminar rooms, meeting rooms, etc., can all be availed of without a hassle.

Business owners can also choose a package and customize it according to their needs. It means they will pay for what they need and select. This a great way to save on many financial commitments as most of these non-business services are shared by business entities working in the same co-working office space.

Wrapping up

Great location and good services are the best features of this idea. You can find this type of setup in the top business districts of the Philippines that are attracting international business too. These points clearly explain why the idea of co-working space is trending now.

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Call center seat leasing

Things to consider before BPO Seat Leasing in the Philippines

A business process outsourcing (BPO) unit in a remote land is easier to commence and manage when you have chosen the correct address and employed the perfect talent pool. For this reason, most BPO services opt for the Philippines as the ideal country to open a new BPO section and enjoy the benefits.


Here is what you need to consider before sealing the deal regarding seat leasing for BPO offices.

Factors to consider for BPO seat leasing

  1. Types of seat leasing services and contracts

Understand the different types of seat leasing offered to BPO services. This step enables you to focus on meeting the specific requirements of your business and cover the expenses accordingly.

Different concepts run in this industry you need to be aware of. For instance, you can opt for warm seat leasing, where you get an all-in-one package for office-related services such as infrastructure, staffing, non-business resources, etc. You can go for cold seat leasing service where only the office tools and infrastructure is provided according to the need of a BPO process. You can also opt for a co-working space where you can customize your needs and pay for your chosen services.

  1. Manpower

One of the prime steps to consider for BPO seat leasing is the workforce. You can start from scratch, keep recruiting or hire a team from the same service provider. You can also opt for a seat arrangement for an existing group in that commercial space. This type of seat leasing service helps you to focus on managing and maintaining the workforce by following specific requirements in the future.

  1. Amenities added

Check the amenities added to this seat leasing service offered by a leading brand. Check whether you are sharing these amenities with other business owners or are provided with absolute dedication to your business only.

Make sure you discuss the terms and conditions of using specific or all amenities provided by the commercial premises of this seat leasing agency. The clauses in an agreement should be crystal clear to both parties.

  1. Your budget

The prime factor that drives your choices of infrastructure and addresses is your budget power. Decide the amount you can spare on this venture to get a good platform for conducting your BPO services. Focus on the expenses and fix a budget to work on. Your budget will define the services and offers you can afford.

  1. Location

Consider the location of the leasing service. Your office address needs to be impressive for the clients. When choosing business districts in the Philippines, you will not have to worry about such factors. The top service providers offer the best infrastructure. You can add it to the easy commute factors. Travelling to this business point should be easier for your workforce.

It would help if you pondered these things while choosing a seat leasing service in the Philippines to boost your business.

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Pros and Cons of a Virtual Office in the Philippines

A presence in the Asian continent sometimes becomes mandatory for business owners to grab hold of the potential markets there. So, businesses and multinational companies sometimes go with a Virtual Office in the Philippines and enjoy the perks.

Choosing a virtual office can be both beneficial for a business and disadvantageous simultaneously. Before deciding, the balance between the advantages and disadvantages needs to be measured so that a virtual office becomes an asset, not a liability. Here is what you need to know.

Pros of a virtual office

  1. An actual address in a business district

An up-market business address in the Philippines can be a game changer. This address will prove the presence of your business in the Asian market and help grab the best clients. You can also legally use this address in all digital and paper documents.

  1. Building a presence

A virtual office offers a corresponding address for your business in this country. You can communicate and collaborate and operate without paying a hefty operating expense of a brick-and-mortar office.

  1. Customizable services

Another great reason to choose a virtual office is the flexible packages the service providers offer. You can pick and add the services the virtual office authority provides and pay for those. Customization is a tremendous advantage for virtual office spaces in the Philippines.

  1. Start, pause and resume your service anytime

Based on your contemporary situation, you can make quick changes in the plans and can even pause the service. You can also discontinue and start the service again whenever needed. Opting for a virtual office for your business will add flexible terms to keep this address added to your business portfolio.

  1. Quick setup and easy commencement

You can set up virtual offices faster than standard office spaces. Virtual offices rid you of the limitations you earn for being stationed in one place. You can take your business anywhere you want and can operate from there. Build a professional reputation for your startup minus the costly rates and location dependency.

Cons of virtual offices

Let us check the disadvantages of virtual offices now.

  • Hidden costs can be higher than expectations.
  • Ann-inclusive services need to be checked and customized before payment, or it can cost you more.
  • Restricted access can hamper the workflow sometimes.
  • It is hard to correlate the work culture unless you are there physically.
  • Scheduling meetings and conferences sometimes get clumsy and conflicting.
  • There is no social interaction. It is just a virtual presence of your company in a new location.


The advantages of a Virtual Office outweigh the disadvantages. Keep a proper balance and make a fruitful decision to own virtual office space in the Philippines to enhance your business reach.

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Guide to co-working space Cebu

Imagine the hard work you have to do to find an office, along with the allocation of your resources! What if you can dodge all these hectic arrangements and get to work in an international-level office without putting a hole in your pocket?

Yes! It is possible only when you choose a Co-working space in Cebu.

Co-working is a new trend that enables freelancers, entrepreneurs and even a start-up to find the most efficient working space without being obligated to a considerable investment.

Let us explain how you can get a beautiful co-working space in the city with a small guide to follow.

Guide to finding a co-working space

  1. Your requirements

Your ideal co-working space can only be defined when you have realized your current requirements for your business ventures. You will need a dedicated space to work in peace and still enjoy the presence of other professionals. You will also need a reception, internet, cafeteria, dedicated office supplies, etc. hence, design your requirements and take your venture to find a co-working space to the next step.

  1. Finding the suitable options

Once you are done looking for the requirements you specifically need to run a business or a freelancing venture, look for the best co-working space available in the business districts of this city. The best way to do it is to dive deeper online and find the most reputed names in the market.

Look for new setups so that you can make sure modern facilities are available. Check their websites to ensure that the service is professional. Get in touch with the authorities to get a good idea of their professionalism and find out what services they offer.

Make a list of the preferable names and ensure you are adding the options by considering your needs in the first place. This list of the leading choices for Co-working space in Cebu will act as the perfect platform to discover the most efficient one.

  1. Make a budget

Now that you have a definitive list of co-working space providers in the city, it is time to call them and discuss the arrangements you need. Check the packages offered along with the services included in them. Compare and judge the packages offered and prepare your budget.

  1. Gather information

If you are new to this, you will need a platform of knowledge to prepare a budget. Find out what you can afford for this venture and start short-listing the most proper names on the definitive list you made before.

  1. Compare and choose

It is time to make a decision now. Compare the service charges and choose a handful of proficient names. Make sure these names are in the locations you prefer. Give a physical visit to all these service providers and check the location. Also, you can get to know the level of the services provided and match them with your specific needs.

Final words

Follow this small and efficient guide to make a proper decision and add a Co-working space in Cebu to your profile.

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Five Steps to Find the Perfect Office Space in Makati

Setting up a new business and growing it needs adaptable and flexible infrastructure. For this, the team has to invest in a professional space to get a positive work environment; this is where the office spaces in Makati can be the best bet.

There are multiple choices available in this city in the Philippines. How can you make a fruitful decision without getting confused about the options available?

Here is what the expert business owners suggest to follow and find suitable options for Offices in Makati.

Five steps to finding an office space in Makati

  1. Suitable location

The first step is to choose a proper location in the business district. Find and list the top business locations where office space can be available for setting up a business.

Once you get the list of locations, start comparing the possible rents and expenses for all the areas. Make sure you and the employees can commute to that location easily. Long-distance commutes reduce productivity. Hence, choose a spot wisely.

  1. Service providers

Check the best service providers offering different types of office space to choose from. Now that you have decided on a location, finding the office service provider will not be a problem anymore. Focus on the services and infrastructure provided by the office spaces along with the charges. Compare these packages covering rent and other services and then proceed to make a proper decision.

  1. Check flexible choices

In this aspect, experts suggest going with the co-working space in Makati. A great idea to save a lot of resources when setting up your office for the first time. This service comes with pre-installed infrastructure and services such as reception, security, concierge, cafeteria, parking, etc. There is no need to invest a lump sum amount when you can easily cover all your needs by simply choosing and customizing a service package.

  1. Compare and negotiate

Compare the service charges asked by the office space providers along with the services. You will get a handful of names to proceed with. These names will reveal which ones are the ideal to stick to.

Make a quick visit to the location to find out the suitability of the office space, area and the services offered. It is also mandatory to judge the infrastructure of the chosen Offices in Makati and then make a suitable decision.

  1. Space to grow

The final step to finding an office for your business operations is a customized space. Make sure you have chosen an office where you can grow if needed. Your space requirement might increase in due course of time. There is no need to shift to another location and exploit your finances when you can get more options on the same premises.


These five steps will help you choose the most efficient and suitable office space for your business purposes. Set your workstation according to your need and enjoy the best services.

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