Modern Trends in Manila’s Top Call Center Serviced Offices

Modern Trends in Manila's Top Call Center Serviced Services

Modern Trends in Manila’s Top Call Center Serviced Services

COVID19 pandemic has caused a tremendous impact on the traditional work environment and raised a significant need to implement alternative arrangements in catering to today’s new set of requirements. Because of the challenges presented by travel and mobility restrictions, global leaders have been innovating workable solutions to keep operations running without sacrificing the safety of their members. 

And as the pandemic situation improves and businesses transition to the new normal, it is without a doubt that we need more flexibility in workspaces. 

Several months after the nationwide lockdown, many startup enterprises and call center companies have switched to serviced offices. With efforts to sustain business productivity amidst a global pandemic, companies are now looking for versatility and affordability among office spaces.

The Emerging Modern Trends

The current health crisis has changed the previous workplace trends, and many new ones have surfaced as we strive to stay competitive in today’s time. Let us take a look at these emerging modern trends in the country’s top call center serviced offices:

Smart Offices

It is no surprise that transforming your office into a smart one can make a world of difference in the post-COVID era. As the current health situation continues to present uncertainties, many people have become more dependent on artificial intelligence and technology that reduces the risk of infection in the workplace. 

During the pandemic, the work environment has been classified as one of the high-risk areas to spread the COVID19 virus because of the high volume face-to-face interactions and frequently touched surfaces. With this, many serviced offices have considered ‘touchless technology’ as an essential tool in keeping their facilities safe and secured at all times. Several providers have started installing modern trends such as sensor devices, automated entry systems, and security controls. Moreover, touchless temperature and ID scanners, disinfecting stations, voice command machines, and lighting fixtures have contributed significantly to a healthier and more productive place of work where employees can perform their tasks safer and faster. In a smart office space where almost everything is accessible, not only will you be able to perform better, but it can also make your work management easier.

Health and Well-being

During the early months of the pandemic, serviced office providers have doubled their efforts in creating a healthy place of work to secure safety among its members and comply with government guidelines. They began to place disinfecting stations inside and outside of its premises while implementing proper working procedures. Not only that, they have strengthened their protocols to ensure the required distance between employees to lower health risks.

Today, as the COVID19 situation improves, many of these providers are investing more in improving their workspaces – from redesigning space layout to promoting productivity through a wide range of amenities. Fully-serviced environments that are complete with proper air ventilation, natural sunlight, breakout rooms, and even applying biophilic office designs can help boost members’ well-being.

Multi-functional Work Areas

As businesses began to see that achieving optimal performance from their members requires distinct parameters, providing them with varieties of modern trends in working environments has become their top priority. For a company to grow and remain competitive, employees have to be satisfied with the kind of workspace they come into every single day. With this in mind, various space providers have been utilizing their existing facilities to develop more versatile work areas for different activities such as project meetings, company events, training, and even relaxation like pantry areas or cafe lounges.

Our traditional way of working will continue to change and evolve as we navigate the post-COVID19 era. Let us help you find the perfect fit for your requirements by getting in touch with us!


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