professionals work from a co-working space in BGC

Why should professionals work from a co-working space in BGC?

The idea of co-working space came into existence nearly ten years ago. One of the biggest concerns while starting a company is minimizing costs and increasing productivity. Working in a co-working space with different types of entrepreneurs comes with the great benefit of networking and learning opportunities from one another.

Bonifacio Global City has developed the idea of enhancing employee engagement and productivity.

Five main reasons to work from co-working space BGC:

Better Work Environment

The idea of a co-working place is driving rapidly in the Philippines due to millennials searching for better exploration opportunities. In today’s world of competition, millennials are always looking for better workplaces that can enhance they thrive on being on top. The conventional 9-5 time of the workplace has already created a stigma over the years. As these co-working places allow employees to choose their work schedules and a better approach to becoming more organized and engaged, there are 135 offices to co-work in Manila alone.

Cost and Efficiency

Renting a whole building with the concept of giving each employee a desk is far better than renting a vast hall with little compartments. Whenever an individual is looking for a start-up, minimizing the costs and maximizing the profits are the primary concerns. As there are other companies nearby to look at, it’s also possible to compare the prices and look at the betterment of it. Co-working space BGC even offers day-to-day lease properties convenient enough to decide on.

Flexibility in finding Expertise

A co-working space BGC offers physical space and staff types like BPO (Business Process Outsourcing) and KPO (Knowledge Process Outsourcing). The team of BPO acts as the third-party service provider to the company by helping with the recruitment process, cost management etc. In contrast, the staff of KPO deals with outsourcing the business, legal matters and balance sheets.

Expansion of a home-grown Business

Several companies out in the Philippines are big on ideas, but due to a lack of resources, it’s becoming harder to expand businesses on their own. Co-working space BGC is increasing its area daily with better resources and accessibility.


Companies move on flexibility. As a co-working space, BGC offers better amenities at a low cost, leaving without the fear of debt or expanding a business is highly convenient. Several Metro Manila co-working places also offer accessibility 24/7, which attracts millennials to work as per their lifestyle and schedule. According to Forbes, millennials prefer humanizing the workplace by collaborating and focusing on job satisfaction and motivation.


These are the main driving force behind co-working places in Manila, the Philippines. According to economists across the world, the future belongs to Asia. Studies show that, by 2030, nearly 30% of the biggest real estate companies will shift their workplaces to Metro Manila.

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