Sales Rain: Tagged as “Game Changer” in Colliers’ 2017 Report

Sales Rain: Tagged as "Game Changer" in Colliers' 2017 Report

In the effort of maintaining the position of market leader in the seat leasing industry, Sales Rain continues to improve its facilities and services to serve the best interest of their clients.

Mining Millenials: Finding Gold in Co-working Spaces

Mining Millenials: Finding Gold in Co-working Spaces

Published last 22nd of March, the report entitled “Mining Millenials: Finding Gold in Co-working Spaces” by Senior Manager Mr. Randwil Dinbo Macaranas discussed the continued progress of the flexible workspace segment in the Philippines, its expected development and the different ways a workspace operator can catch up on the growing trend.

In a section dedicated for the responses of the developers and operators on the challenge brought upon by the demands of the market, Colliers suggested three strategies to help providers to either remain competitive or become a participant in the said segment.

Macaranas phrased Sales Rain for implementing their first strategy – buying office spaces and converting them to flexible workspaces – since the year 2009. He went on to further discuss how successful the company has become in doing so, having expanded its first site since its launch to fully owning four sites. Moreover, he stated that other else than having at least 15% lower rates compared to its competitors, said strategy has kept Sales Rain free from the heavy pressure of rental escalations.

In addition to this, Sales Rain CEO Rajeev Agarwal left them a statement in an interview saying that the said strategy provided the company with growth and stability, as well as kept their clients happy.

The author then proceeded on discussing the other two suggested strategies – partnering with developers through a revenue-sharing and fee-based arrangement on co-working – and how lead providers in the market have successfully executed them.

The aforementioned report also covered the definition of flexible workspaces and the different options it offers before discussing its evolution and their prediction its future in the next three years.

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Sales Rain is a US incorporated company providing premier seat leasing services, coworking spaces, private office facilities and call center solutions with fully-owned multiple branch offices registered in the Philippines.

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