Sales Rain Offers Flexible Work from Home Options During the Lockdowns

Sales Rain Offers Flexible Work from Home Options During the Lockdowns

Due to a series of lockdowns, millions of people have suffered during the Covid19 Pandemic. Many individuals and companies were forced to immediately change the way they live and work. Moreover, with social distancing, travel restrictions, cancellations of large events, and mass gatherings, companies started working remotely to keep their employees safe while still being able to operate directly from home.

As the coronavirus continues to spread, organizational leaders around the world moved to more flexible workplace models and provided employee-support with various work from home set ups to ensure business continuity. Despite stricter quarantine measures and lockdowns, the safety of their staff is still the top priority for most business owners.

While this unforeseen event continues to pose greater challenges across various industries, Sales Rain, on the other hand, has continued to support its members throughout this rapid shift to remote work. The higher management guided its community with empathy and genuine concern in addressing technical issues or equipment difficulties. Sales Rain helped its employees further by ensuring their safety and security as they transition to working from home during the lockdowns.

Even though things are quickly changing and the future remains uncertain, Sales Rain persevered in extending utmost support to its clients by providing technical assistance, both on site and remotely. Company leaders and members doubled their efforts and worked hand in hand to ensure all requests are accommodated in a timely manner, giving its clients the opportunity to continue business operations while lockdowns are in place.

Sales Rain’s CEO Rajeev Agarwal took the lead in offering better flexible work options that helped its community to be fully equipped with technology and productivity tools. In the same manner, employees and clients were allowed to bring their computers, monitors and other equipment necessary for an effective remote work day.

These flexible work from home options enabled thousands of employees and entrepreneurs during this Covid19 crisis to keep their jobs and businesses running while minimizing the risk factors contributing to the increase of cases.


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