Sales Rain Charity Work at Kanlungan Ni Maria, Antipolo City

Kanlungan ni Maria, Antipolo City

Kanlungan ni Maria, Antipolo City

It doesn’t matter how physically fit our bodies are if we do not have peace and tranquility within our life. It is best to nurture ourselves with something that inspires us to be a better person like giving and caring for others.

At Sales Rain, we are passionately engaging in philanthropic activities. We also encourage others to go out and plant seeds of kindness through helping others, especially those in the marginalized sector.

Another fantastic event took place in Antipolo City as Sales Rain hosted an outreach program in Kanlungan ni Maria last October 19, 2019.

Kanlungan Ni Maria, Antipolo City

The clientele of the institution are senior citizens who are poor, abandoned, homeless, sick, and elderly, who have no immediate family and relatives to look after them.

We were greeted warmly as one of the lolas presented a special song for us. Afterwards, lolos and lolas sang and danced along with our performance of the famous “Manok na Pula”, “Kiss Me, Kiss Me”, and the classic “Kahit Maputi Na Ang Buhok Ko”. Joy and laughter filled the air when Nanay Pina, one of the elderly residents, pulled out witty jokes and cheesy pick-up lines. After our short program, we talked, ate,  and interacted with the elederlies to make them feel that they are loved and cared for. We also prepared food for the residents. We also observed that one of the lolos would not eat if his friend, one of the other resident, does not have his own food. He told us that he would wait for the other lolo so that they can share and eat their food together.

In addition, we donated grocery items, laundry and toiletry supplies for the the home. The positive energy was so contagious – everyone left the place with a smile and the willingness to participate in more charity events.

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