Sales Rain Outreach Program in Anawim, Rodriguez, Rizal

Anawim Lay Missions Inc., Rodriguez Rizal

The vibrant laughter and sparkling eyes of the elderly people filled the spaces in Anawim Lay Missions Inc. Foundation during an outreach program held by Sales Rain last August 23, 2019, in Rodriguez, Rizal.

The Team felt a genuine and warm welcome from our lolos and lolas as they arrived at the venue. The Sales Rain team prepared food and provided necessities like adult diapers, laundry supplies, and toiletries. In addition, they also presented a short yet heart-warming program to entertain the elderly. In return, the Sales Rain Team was rewarded with bright smiles and priceless amusement from the residents there. Displaying their own unique talents, our lolos and lolas showcased their singing prowess with random song numbers. It was evident even in this basic and humble environment, that the old people still has great enthusiasm, an optimistic spirit, and appreciation for life. They were very appreciative of the efforts and supplies that were wholeheartedly given to them by the company. The Sales Rain Team learned some important lessons that day — always be grateful for the things that you receive from others, learn to recognize the worth of small things, and that happiness is all about perception.

Anawim opened its doors to serve as a sanctuary for the neglected and poverty-stricken elderly people who have nowhere else to go. It was founded by Catholic lay preacher Bo Sanchez in 1996. Sales Rain expresses their gratitude for having the opportunity to offer help to the elderly residents of this home, especially for the wonderful experience that they shared with the Team.

Much like Anawim, Sales Rain dedicates itself to lending a hand and spreading compassion by hosting and organizing philanthropic events for old people in need of support. As part of its corporate social responsibility, this company is committed to engage in more charitable works in the future.

“Love, care and treasure the elderly people in the society.”― Lailah Gifty Akita, Pearls of Wisdom: Great mind

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