Sales Rain Contributes to the Community Pantry Movement

Sales Rain Contributes to the Community Pantry Movement

The year-long COVID-19 Pandemic has clearly turned many lives upside down. Presently, countless families continue to struggle with the limited access to healthcare, employment, public transportation, and food systems. While these unprecedented impacts are affecting millions of people around the world, the poorest of the communities and those who are less fortunate will likely suffer longer-lasting poverty and deprivation.

Recently, Community Pantry: an idea that was brought to life by purpose and kindness, has become a trend initiated by the person named Ana Patricia Non with her first-ever bamboo cart on a sidewalk of Maginhawa Street, Quezon City. The cart was filled with essential items and groceries where homeless people could get them for free. This initiative has gone viral across multiple social media platforms and inspired a lot of people. Since then, many groups have begun donating and placing their own community pantries nationwide to help reach out to poor families.

During the early days of the Community Pantry movement, Sales Rain’s CEO Rajeev Agarwal took the initiative for the poor by planning and organizing a donation drive to support our less privileged fellow Filipinos during this pandemic times. Led by the company’s Admin and Facilities Manager, Mr. Seattle Castuciano and Digital Marketing and Presales Manager, Ms. S.R. Payba, the team extended a helping hand in looking for new community pantries that are just starting to gather donations to further help by giving out essential goods.

In coordination with Thames International School in Eastwood City and Amare La Cucina in Kapitolyo, Pasig City community pantries, Sales Rain has donated rice, trays of eggs, boxes of tuna, sardines, packs of chicken noodles, coffee, and crackers. The team also assisted the organizers in setting up the pantry last Saturday, April 24, 2021.

Many people, mostly senior citizens, were already in line 3 to 4 hours before the opening in order to feed themselves and support their families. After a few minutes, all donations were taken up by over hundreds of individuals with a smile on their faces and enough food on their hands to help them get through this difficult time.

This momentary but meaningful experience gave a sense of inspiration to its employees by making the world a better place by helping other people.

Sales Rain, together with the support of everyone in the company will continue to organize charity events and donation drives with a goal to contribute to the community in the ways we know how.

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