Sales Rain’s Virtual Office Services continue to Boom amid the Pandemic

Sales Rain’s Virtual Office Services continue to Boom amid the Pandemic

In order to avoid the surge of Covid19 cases, global leaders enforced policies to make everyone stay indoors. Moreover, they implemented stricter safety measures during the first half of the year. More industries started to operate remotely as series of lockdowns across the world has altered the normal way we live, work, and play.

In the recent months, Sales Rain has seen and experienced a huge demand for virtual offices due to the increasing number of people who are starting new businesses straight from their homes. Providers of virtual office services signed up many startup companies during the lockdown because this type of work set-up has become a need, rather than a want for most entrepreneurs and companies.

Sales Rain’s Virtual Offices enable start-ups to work remotely while having access to polished business addresses, experienced receptionist services, and everything else that they need from an office without having to pay rent for an actual space. Consequently, virtual offices helped multiple startup companies and even long-standing businesses to survive during the pandemic.

Currently, Sales Rain is offering three Virtual Office Service Plans which clients can choose from depending on their requirements. A professional business address and personal mailbox under the Basic Plan can be availed for only Php 1850 monthly. On the other hand, if clients need a private space to conduct meetings or discussions, a 4 hour meeting room usage per month is included in the Pro Plan, which also comes with a professional business address, personal mailbox, and free coffee per day, at a flat rate of Php 4000 a month.  Lastly, all the aforementioned features are also included in the Php 7500 per month Enterprise Plan, with an additional 8 days of coworking space usage for a more productive workday.

These flexible yet affordable package plans of virtual office services allow clients to have a professional image and proficient reputation even when working from home.


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