Sales Rain Charity Event: Food Donation to 100 Families

In its continued efforts to give back to the community, Sales Rain held a charity event: “Food Donation Drive” at the West Coast Beach Resort in Zambales Philippines this past March 15. The event provided 100 less fortunate and native families of the nearby area with bags of rice. Chocolates were also distributed to indigent families and children to bring a smile to everyone. It was a successful and inspiring event for everyone.

Rajeev Agarwal, Sales Rain CEO, said about the event: “We are always finding opportunities to serve the community and spreading the habit of giving along with the needed support to needful families. We hope that by setting the example, like this “Food Donation Drive”,  many other companies and private citizens will also contribute and sponsor events such as this or give in other ways. Sales Rain feels it’s important to help the community and allow those less fortunate some reprieve from their daily struggles. Our contribution may not solve all their problems, but it will help. If others follow this example, many can get the help they need to get past their difficulties and become self sufficient contributors to society. Sometimes all that is needed is just a little help and it can go a long way.”


Sales Rain is an integrated service provider of call center services, seat leasing, outsourcing, virtual assistant, hosted PBX, and cloud based dialer solutions. Sales Rain is a US incorporated company with its branch offices registered in Philippines

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