Sales Rain BPO opens its third office in the Philippines

Sales Rain BPO continues to grow as it proudly announced the opening of a third office in the Philippines. Located in Eastwood City, in Bagumbayan (Quezon City) area of Metro Manila, this office is on the 28th floor, the same IBM Plaza building where the company opened its 2nd office in 2012 on the 26th floor.

The IBM Plaza is a state of the art building designed with call centers in mind. The building boasts great access to telecommunications, internet and has superior backup power generators and emergency procedures in place to assure its tenants can continue operations in inclement weather or other natural disasters. From the upper floors, the building has sweeping views of the Quezon City and the Eastwood City area. As with its other offices, the company plans to completely remodel the office from floor to ceiling, to a colorful and modern design. Sales Rain BPO, CEO Rajeev Agarwal commented, “We continue to grow and add new locations to our company. We are very thankful to have gotten to this point and that our company continues to grow. Our expansion into this new floor will help us to continue offering our clients and employees ample room to work in modern, state of the art facilities to which they will enjoy coming to every day. With our third office, we can add more seat leasing clients, campaigns and business processes. This expansion will also help to bring even more jobs to the community and allow us to step up our charitable efforts as well. We are glad to be doing business and growing in the Philippines!”

Sales Rain is an integrated service provider of call center services, seat leasing, infrastructure leasing, outsourcing, Doctor by Phone Service, virtual assistant, hosted PBX, and cloud based dialer solutions. Sales Rain is a US incorporated Company with its branch offices registered in Philippines.

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