The Underrated Star of Films

The Underrated Star of Films

More often than not, audience think that the storytelling potential of a certain movie or TV show heavily relies on its screenplay and its actors. Though there is no denying that the two play major roles on the narrative of a film, there is an underrated star from the cast of most films and TV shows.

“The Location”

A setting or location is where the narrative of a film or series takes place and can be anywhere. Contrary to popular belief, it indicates something deeper than just what time a scene happens or where it occurs. Just like a character, a location can effectively influence the mood, style or themes of a movie.

A scene from the 2012 movie " Life of Pi" adapted from a novel written by Yann Martel.

A scene from the 2012 movie “Life of Pi” adapted from the 2001 best-selling novel written by Yann Martel.

The audience gets the chance to learn more about the character from where they live, go to work and spend their free time. Moreover, the setting can also showcase the growth of a character.

The way a set is lighted can also represent an idea or really anything. In the movie “The Life of Pi“, the spiritual journey of its protagonist Pi, across the ocean represents his spiritual journey. In this film example, the setting of an island can also represent the obstacles a person goes through in their life.

In addition, settings can also heavily influence the plot just like its characters. It can kill the characters or even force two of them together. It is impossible for a character to leave a setting and it is always integral in moving the plot forward.

Though not every location can represent something, it can easily set the mood of a certain scene with shadows, lighting and contrast. If the lighting is set on high, it means power. If the character is in a low contrast setting, it shows lack of power.

A film still for the 2016 movie <a href="">"Rogue One: A Starwars Movie"</a>produced by <a href="">Lucasfilm Ltd.</a> and distributed by<a href="">Walt Disney Studios</a>.

A film still from the 2016 movie “Rogue One: A Starwars Movie” produced by Lucasfilm Ltd. and distributed by Walt Disney Studios.

The contribution a location makes in a film isn’t enough to showcase how important it actually is. Its power can also be applied in business.

It is detrimental that a business has a location that is easily accessible to both their targeted clients and its own employees or manpower. It is also important to note the kind of infrastructure that you need to acquire, as well as the facilities that it has to offer, which will support your daily operation needs. Luckily, seat leasing providers and even the new trend coworking spaces can now be found in the prime cities of the Philippines like Makati, Mandaluyong, Ortigas and even Quezon City. In addition to this, with the growing trends in transport technology, the commute will be a bit easier.

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