Office Design Trends To Watch Out For

Office Design Trends To Watch Out For

2017 is almost over and we’ve only got a few more days left before we welcome another new year full of endless possibilities. This year, we saw our workplaces evolve into something new, from the rise of coworking spaces globally down to the development of flexible workspaces.

And over the past 10 months we’ve seem quite drastic changes in the trends of office design. We’ve seen businesses adapt flexible layouts that allows them to keep up with the changing requirements of operations. Architects and designers integrated technology into the local design and have embraced the impact of workplace design to the well-being of employees.

The landscape of workspaces continues to evolve in order to adapt accordingly to the needs of the business and to enhance the productivity and overall performance of those who work within its premises. Today’s generation of designers, architects and brokers are being taught to create commercial estates that are both sustainable and efficient. Conducting research and surveys to create offices that make people healthier and happier as they go to work each day.

As the year 2018 approaches us, experts are expecting these office design trends to dominate the market.

Alternative Workspaces

As coworking spaces take over majority of the market, offices from all around the globe are turning their traditional cubicles and desks into unconventional open plan spaces.

Spearheaded by the reigning demographic of today’s labor force, the Millenials, alternative workspaces came from the need for collaborative and flexible work environments. This specific design involves communal areas that allow for voluntary interaction to happen between members and a variety of work areas to cater their different preferences.

Incorporating vibrant colors and motivational artwork as well as rooms for recreational activities within the office, alternative workspaces make work fun and synergistic – factors that young professionals often look for in companies.

Comfortable Office Design Trends

More and more enterprises are finding ways to persuade their employees into staying longer by giving their office a homelike feel to it. The homestyle comfort design introduces comfort into the workplace through relaxed seating like couches, bean bag chairs and game rooms. Behind this trend is a growing awareness on the importance of environmental physical design to the overall well-being of its employees. Designers are now mixing fabrics, wooden finishing to give offices a cozy look and to elicit a warm feeling whenever you enter the room.

Dynamic Offices

The Dynamic Spaces trend has been around over the past two to three years. These offices offer continuous change apt for growing businesses. The aforementioned design are commonly moveable and flexible enough to allow employees to work in ways that best suit them. It gives them the freedom to choose where and how they want to work. One form of dynamic spaces that have become increasingly popular are coworking spaces. Offering a wide variety of work area as well as breakout spaces and even quiet spaces, more and more professionals are signing up for membership and access of all the aforementioned amenities whenever they please.

The traditional ideas we have about where we work and how we work are changing, its only fitting that companies are trying their best to stay on top of the trends. We’ll be more than glad to give you a sneak peek of the office design trends for next year, just set up a date with us!

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