Sales Rain Signs New Deal With Canadian Based Company


Sales Rain starts a new partnership with a Canadian based business as they sign a new deal for seat leasing.

The aforementioned international company will soon be occupying one hundred seats of Sales Rain’s 826 square meter Ortigas site located on the 28th floor of Antel Global Corporate Center.

Expanding from their current headquarters near Mall of Asia in Pasay, the company will first lease 25 seats before availing another batch of 25 seats and will be continuously ramping-up until they have occupied the remaining seats from their targeted 100 workstations. The administration signed a 3-year deal with Sales Rain to give room for further expansions. The project will run under a fixed schedule and the campaign’s daily operations will start from 10 PM up to 10 AM Manila time.

As of writing, Sales Rain currently has a total of 6 offices in Metro Manila since its arrival in the Philippines during the year 2009. They will soon be launching their very first coworking space in a 2000 sqm area penthouse suite in Pioneer Highlands Mandaluyong City.

CEO Rajeev Agarwal says,

“We welcome the new client in our facility and look forward to providing them excellent service”.

Sales Rain’s growing list of partners is living proof that after eight years of doing business here in the Philippines, the world-class quality service that the team delivers remains the same and consistently improves as time goes by.

Sales Rain is a US incorporated company providing premier seat leasing services, coworking spaces, private office facilities and call center solutions with branch offices registered in the Philippines.

You can find them online at