Sales Rain Launches Redesigned Website

Salesrain Launches Redesigned Website for 2017

Do what makes you happy

Visitors of Sales Rain’s website was greeted with a new design and an uplifting message on doing what you love and loving what you do last October 15.

The freshly redesigned website went live Sunday morning with a clean, minimalist and modern look that highlights the company’s new logo and tagline.

The current homepage gives you a brief rundown of our three main services – seat leasing, coworking spaces and private offices. The simple yet contemporary website layout also gives emphasis to the essential introduction of Sales Rain and the edge we have against our competitors.

Designed to make navigation easier for our users, the menu bar across the top showcases all the detailed information, end users would be looking for, after going over our homepage. From the pricing of our services down to the latest company updates, visitors can easily locate what they need.

And should they have questions or inquiries of any sort, our contact box and forms can be found effortlessly in the homepage and all the individual pages of the site or by merely scrolling through the side bar navigation.

Spearheading the conceptualization and development of the website’s redesigned look is SEO & Digital Marketing Manager Ms. SR Payba, with the full support of her team.

According to Ms. Payba,

“We value our clients above all else; therefore, with this project, my team focused on design, content and functionality to ensure that our website delivers a satisfactory user experience to all our existing customers and online visitors. Our company website is a significant digital marketing tool which connects our services and goals to our targeted audience and ideal consumers, hence, website usability is definitely our top priority ”.

 This is the third rendition of the Sales Rain website since its first launch in 2012.

Sales Rain is a US incorporated company providing premier seat leasing services, coworking spaces, private office facilities and call center solutions with branch offices registered in the Philippines.

You can find them online at