Sales Rain Seals Deal with Australian Company

Sales Rain Seals Deal with Australian Company

An Australian firm closes a new deal with Sales Rain.

Six seats from Sales Rain’s first site will soon be occupied as operations commences on a new Australian account. The said outsourcing client provides life insurance services, including giving insight on recent changes in government policies that can affect clients’ individual policies.

Located on the 22nd floor of The Peak Tower in Salcedo Village, Makati City, the 305 square meter space has a total of over 90 seats and comes with plug-and-play ready seat leasing facilities such as designated reception area, server rooms and a conference room.

The aforementioned office is Sales Rain’s very first location since its arrival in the Philippines in the year 2009. As of writing, they have expanded their operations to Quezon City as well as Pasig City and will be launching a 2000 sqm Penthouse Suite in Mandaluyong as their first ever coworking space.

CEO Rajeev Agarwal notes,

“We were able to provide fully set up infrastructure and recruit employees for our Australian client where they were able to start their operations within a week”.

Furthermore, he adds that the previously mentioned deal is,

“proof of excellent delivery which brings repeat business from our clients”.

We are never static – continuously striving for excellence in everything that we do.

Sales Rain is a US incorporated company providing premier seat leasing services, coworking spaces, private office facilities and call center solutions with branch offices registered in the Philippines.

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