US-based Marketing Company Adds 10 More Seats with Sales Rain

US-Based Marketing Company Adds 10 More Seats with Sales Rain
A partnership with a US-based marketing company that started recently positively developed as they add 10 more seats with Sales Rain.

The lead generating enterprise first acquired ten seats and one private office in Sales Rain’s Ortigas site located in Antel Global Corporate Center before proceeding to add 10 more. The organization’s workforce prioritized employing fresh graduates in the effort of giving them a chance to make a difference in the industry.

“We are proud of the support we are providing that is resulting The Company to dramatically reduce their expenses and grow their operations in the Philippines. It is very pleasing to see our current clients stay and grow with us. This is the biggest testament of our service offerings and hospitality” Sales Rain’s CEO Mr. Rajeev Agarwal notes in a statement.

With fully owned world-class serviced offices, Sales Rain’s Antel Global Corporate Center office has over 251 plug-and- play ready seats and fully-furnished amenities such as a designated reception areas, server room, private offices, pantry, training areas and conference rooms.

Offering a wide variety of business solutions ranging from seat leasing services, coworking spaces to private offices, the company continues to be a market leader in terms of serviced offices and flexible workspaces. Its groundbreaking strategies and result-driven services allows them to remain competitive in the flux natured market. 7 years into the business, Sales Rain now has over 6 sites across multiple locations in the prime cities of Metro Manila and will soon be launching its very first coworking space in a 2000 square meter office in Mandaluyong.

Sales Rain is a US incorporated company providing premier seat leasing services, coworking spaces, private office facilities and call center solutions with branch offices registered in the Philippines.

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