Commending the Hallyu Wave Over Great Drinks in Mocktails and Poetry

Commending the Hallyu Wave Over Great Drinks in Mocktails and Poetry

Filipino iKONICS have showcased their talent in poetry as well as their never-ending love for the Hallyu wave at last Saturday’s Mocktails & Poetry, held at Sales Rain’s Mandaluyong office!

Pickles Production has partnered up with A Date with JunHwan to celebrate Filipino poetry inspired by their favorite iKON members, Kim Jinhwan and Koo Junhoe in Mocktails & Poetry. Several Manila-based iKONICS have once again gathered in celebration of the aforementioned members’ upcoming birthdays and their fondness for poetry.

Attendees were given the chance to view the English translated poems penned by their favorite member Ju-ne while Jinhwan’s fans also enjoyed a photo exhibit featuring unreleased photos from some of their well-loved fan sites. Before the open mic poetry competition, the hosts held several group games to break the ice and winners got the chance to pick their own prizes ranging from photo cards and other fan merchandise.

Five participants joined in the open mic session, each one sharing a short piece they’ve prepared inspired by their idols and personal stories. The judges were represented by the organizers. Amongst the said participants, Axel Chavez and her piece entitled “Glass Window” won the contest. The rest of the contenders received consolation prizes as well.

iKON PH is only one of the many Korean fandoms here in the Philippines and with the growing popularity of the Hallyu Wave, their number only continues to increase. The strength and solidarity of the community they have built within the country helps aspiring Korean talents reach their dreams.

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