Sales Rain Announces its Fourth Site in Eastwood City

Sales Rain Announces its Fourth Site in Eastwood City

Sales Rain’s IBM Plaza has proven itself to be versatile offices, thriving in the ever-changing nature of the workplace industry. Initially opening with over 421 seats within the 26th floor of IBM Plaza, the site has grown to feature three fully-owned floors.

And in a consistent intent to provide top-notch services and infrastructures, Sales Rain has recently announced its acquisition of its fourth site located in the building’s 27th floor. The aforementioned serviced office has a total of 427.80 square meter area of leasable space that will carry Sales Rain’s newest offerings – coworking spaces, private and semi-private offices as well as conference rooms and meeting rooms.

The said floor offers the following; 12 seats for coworking, 5 seats for a semi private office, 1 private office that can accommodate five people, 3 private offices for a team of six, 1 private office with the capacity for ten people and another one for a group of nine. Another room carries 33 seats flexible enough to be reformed as either a semi-private office or private space. 1 meeting room for four and another conference room is open for tenure and a huddle room for two is also available. Lastly, it offers a private office that can hold a maximum of twenty-five people.

Following the news of the procurement of its fourth site, Sales Rain also shares the major expansion of its 28th floor location. Originally with 615.87 square meter of space, an additional 284.60 square meter area will be open for lease. It carries the company’s well-received plug-and-play ready seat leasing facility and currently has 80 call center seats, 1 conference room, and 1 private office.

Sales Rain has transgressed from a Business Process Outsourcing company to an innovative serviced office provider as it opens more sites within Metro Manila and continuously offer wide varieties of work environments to today’s modern industries.

Sales Rain is a US incorporated company providing premier seat leasing services, coworking spaces, private office facilities and call center solutions with branch offices registered in the Philippines.

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