Sustainable Office Set-up Solutions Through Seat Leasing

Sustainable Office Set-up Solutions Through Seat Leasing

There seems to be a continuous rise of call centers and BPOs in the main cities of the Philippines like Manila, Makati, Cebu, and Davao. And because of this, organizations and businesses are showing more leniency towards outsourcing and seat leasing deals. Local and even foreign enterprises have given great feedback to these types of office space solutions, to the extent that some may say that it makes more sense than building your very own facility.

You, yourself may probably be thinking of jumping on the trend. But before doing so, here are some important basics on seat leasing.


As of writing, there is no record of when, where and how the trend actually started. With the increasing number of providers, many may claim that they are the ones who pioneered it when in reality, none of us actually knows.

It could be because of the need of businesses from the United States to survive and grow during the recession of their economy. It can even be because of opportunities entrepreneurs saw in countries like India and the Philippines.

Though one thing is for sure, seat leasing is continuously helping the economy prosper

Types of Seat Leasing

There are two types of seat leasing – Warm Seats and Cold Seats. The better you understand the differences between them, the more likely you are to make the most out of the deal you are about to make.

Warm Seats are usually an all-in-one package with agents and employees that will help you with your operations. These group of individuals work for you but instead of directly reporting to you, they are managed by an offshore lead. All the while, Cold Seats would usually offer office space and infrastructure.

2 Types of Seat Leasing: Warm Seats and Cold Seats

Premium Equipment and Maintenance

Aside from office spaces, seat leasing also comes with high-end PC’s fit for your needs and well-ventilated function rooms for the convenience of your staff. Moreover, seat leasing providers take care of maintenance including technical support and troubleshooting errors in units.

And with the Philippines considered as one of the most technically wired country in Asia Pacific, your organization can compete with other countries in terms of technological advancement in information and communication.


With the convenience offered by seat leasing, you are given more time to focus on business operations and shaping future plans and strategies for your business. This sustainable office set-up saves you the time of procuring legal requirements needed for office construction.


Seat leasing offers business solutions at a very affordable price. Instead of acquiring a new infrastructure, you can rent the needed seats for your operation – setting aside your funding for more essential aspects of the business. In addition to this, there is no long-term commitment required. You can specify how long you intend to stay.

Operation at any time

Most seat leasing providers operate 24 hours a day, 5-7 days a week – giving you the opportunity to scale your business operations in order to maximize business efficiency.

Now that we’ve tackled the very basics of seat leasing services, let’s talk  about why seat leasing may just be the best decision your company will ever make.

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